My Class | CampusPress - Can we purchase?

I recently was browsing the Edublogs support site and came across the My Class student blogging plugin that you offer as part of the campuspress package.

Is there anyway we can purchase this plugin or are there plans to offer it as part of your package of kick a$$ plugins you have here?

Part of the reason we have maintained our membership for so long is that I love the work you are doing on edublogs. You have educational "chops" and many of your plugins fit right in with what we need for our K-12 school district.

Currently we operate two separate sites for web publishing: a teacher site and a "walled garden" student site. We use privacy options for students to force login.
It would be nice to connect the teacher and student sites onto one platform and let the teacher decide what is public/private.

Thank you for your outstanding work here. I am very excited to use Coursepress and Upfront. Highlights of the year!