My client already has 100 products. They what an online

My client already has 100 products.
They what an online store.

- What are the best themes to use with marketpress?

- Does Market press allow me to put products in by category so that I can have links to just that category?

- They also want to be able to sell products to both individual customers as well as wholesale.

- Is it best to have 2 different sites - 1 for retail and 1 for wholesale?

- If not, or is it better to use the membership plugin for the wholesale? Can I offer free membership so that once they are approved as a wholesale buy then I can add them to that membership level? But then I'd need it so the products would only be seen by them and not by the individuals.

What is the best way to proceed on this? Please advise.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @Emex Online,

    Hope you're well?

    Themes are subjective, so it's difficult to recommend any particular one.

    Our Framemarket theme was built specifically for marketpress, however, it will work with the vast majority of themes out there as long as the theme uses standard wordpress functions, it should be fine.

    With regards to categories, yes, marketpress does allow you to add products to different categories.

    With regards to the personal/wholesale side, whilst marketpress doesn't directly cater for this functionality.

    There is no settings so you can select different prices for wholesale or not.

    However, as you mentioned, it would be possible to use a plugin such as membership or even protected content to hide different pages/products so only those members on that level can view those products. You can even protect specific categories, so you could create a category called wholesale, and then protect that category, so only members with that access level would be able to view products in that category.

    Of course, it might mean you have to create 2 identical products with different prices, 1 product for normal users, and then the other product with different price for the wholesale users.

    It's upto you if you wish to have a different site for wholesale use or not, either way would work, but 2 different sites might be easier to maintain with it being seperate from the user side, you could then have a different theme for the wholesale store.

    You don't need to create 2 seperate installs, you could use multisite for this and create a subsite for normal members and one for wholesale users, each will then have it's own store options & looks, even a different theme and so on.

    For more info on multisite, you can see

    Hope this helps

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    with multisite, you can install plugins on different subsites if you wish, so each store can have different plugins activated, or you can network activate them which makes them active on all subsites on the network. You can have whatever plugins you wish in that regard.

    To add sliders to framemarket/gridmarket, you would most likely need to edit the template files as it doesn't have a built in slider.

    Unfortunately, no, framemarket is not a responsive theme. Simple market is the only responsive theme we have currently.

    But you can certainly get responsive themes from elsewhere which will work with MP, such as or or

    Hope this helps

  • Leonard
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Multisite allows for the creation of many sites within one hosting account using a single install of wordpress. lets say your site is in the folder "main" on your it doesn't matter how many domain names are associated with sub folders on this domain the main folder is your primary source for the admin of all sites. if installed using the default settings the location should be the following
    The the root will be established at what ever level you require and the single install of wordpress will act as the base for all sites and depending on configuration that can be an awful lot of sites. A nice aspect of this is you now have only one place to go for all updates across the entire system. Trust me I had to update 68+ word press sites individually and it took hours. Now I update three that are on different hosting accounts and it takes 5 minutes for what is the equivalent of over 100 individual sites. As long as the urls point to the locations for the sites you can have as many URLs as needed. they just need to be pointed to the same hosting account through DNS. DNS can be handled in multiple ways. I recommend looking into it further with your hosting account provider once you get you primary site up and running. not to say you can't also start setting up the other sites as well you can but you will need to associate them with folder locations first and then link to the folders through DNS. I would also recommend reading through the documentation on Create A Network in the wordpress codex.

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