My client is providing a service for kids parties. For

My client is providing a service for kids parties. For parties of 8, kids can dress up and have fun. I have the A+ ready to go.

However, client wants to be able to have add-ons to the appointment like adding additional kids. So if the clients customer wants to add one more costume to the party it would be at an additional cost, for a total of 9 kids.

I can't figure out how to make this happen integrating A+ with Marketplace.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey rdweitzman,

    There is a few ways this can be done. Could be more that I'm unaware of as well; but, here are the ones I know.

    1. Additional Services: Creating another service such as "Kids Party For 9" etc. so they can choose how many kids/constumes they want.

    2. Dummy Providers: Create additional "dummy providers" that have additional costs to them. When you make a provider you will notice there is an "additional cost" field for that provider, so you can charge them extra for choosing them.

    This way, say it costs $10 to add an extra kid, you could make a dummy provider called "Party For 9" or something like that and when they choose that provider matched with the party service it will add on an additional $10.

    Dummy providers are just fake "workers" that when chosen for a service, all the emails will get forwarded to whoever you set the dummy provider too. You link the dummy provider to a real user in the main general settings.

    3. Create Add-ons as Products in MarketPress: This is likely the method I would use. Create a product called "Additional Costume" or something like that as a MarketPress product then list the price per costume and then the customer can add as many additional costumes to cart as they want.

    I believe via shortcode you could even get this product to display on your Appointments+ make an appointment page.

    Then your customer can checkout with both the appointment and the additional costumes in their cart.

    Hope one of those will work for you!


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