My client wants to be able to make daily updates to a list

My client wants to be able to make daily updates to a list of in-stock items; he wants this list to show up on 1 page only. I have assigned him the "Author" level as neither of us wants him to be able to modify (mess up) anything on the site (it's a detailed site & he is not WP savvy). This is the best access level for him to make blog posts - until he notified me of his desire to add a daily list. Is there a plugin or something that will allow him to have access to only the 1 widget (spot that has "the list") on the 1 page that he wants to be able to update daily? Or do I have to upgrade his WP level to "Editor"? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi there @MSDG

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    By default, a user with the Author role can only edit those posts he/she actually created, so that's not a problem.

    However, if you need to grant access to a widget, you would need to grant access to all widgets. Maybe not such a great idea in this case.

    Even the Editor role cannot access the widgets screen in the admin. Only the Admin role can do that by default.

    An option therefore would be to tweak the user role to allow access to widgets using a plugin like User Role Editor:

    Or if you want to adjust the capabilities of only specified users, try Press Permit (it's a beast of a plugin though):

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    Thank you for the quick reply - sorry about my slow response...

    I understand everything you are saying and I'm beginning to think that I need to come up with a different solution to allow my client to make daily updates about what they have in-stock that day...(should you or anyone have any suggestions it would be much appreciated)

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