My company is moving our Wordpress site to a new host. When

My company is moving our Wordpress site to a new host. When we imported our database and wp-content folder most things worked fine immediately.

However, I noticed that our social media plugins lost their share, like, etc. number. The plugin that we're using is called "Share This". I was wondering if somebody could point me in the right direction in regards to how to display this information on our new host.


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    further to the advice by @faydra_deon, when you moved to a new host, did you change the domain name or keep the domain you had previously & just moved servers?

    either way their could be some path related issues in your DB.

    you might need to check the DB wp_options & wp_sitemeta tables to chec for any urls/paths that are different, & change them to match your new servers.

    also have you tried regenerating permalinks? sometimes this works, though i don't know if it will work in this case


  • faydra_deon
    • WordPress Warrior


    @Vaughan has actually gone where I was going with the question I was asking.

    Sometimes in the database it'll still point to the old host's root instead of pointing to the new host's root.

    When @Vaughan mentions regenerating the permalinks, I'd actually take that suggestion first to see if it fixes the issue, especially since it's a quicker fix than going into the database.

    Just go to Settings > Permalinks, change to something else as your structure and save and then change back to the actual structure you want and save again.

    It's always awesome to have you come through the discussions, @Vaughan.


  • David
    • Flash Drive


    I think that you might be moving in the right direction. When we moved to the new host, we moved it to a temporary development server.

    In addition to this we now have a staging and production site through WP Engine. When we've completed the necessary setup, we will be moving this back to the same domain.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    this plugin might help you here @David

    it should allow you to search for your old domain/paths & replace any that are found with your new domains etc.

    to regenerate permalinks, just visit dashboard > settings > permalinks

    then just hit save again, or change them & save, then change them back to previous setting & save again.

    use any setting other than default.

    hope this helps

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