My courses just got deleted- CoursePress PRO not really PRO- PLEASE HELP

This is the third time I've written this ticket because the system keeps failing. I have installed COursePress PRO from this page and it says that it's PRO as when I try to install from there now it says it's already installed.

However, when I try to add a third course, it says "While CoursePress is suitable for offering a few courses, you may have bigger goals for your site. CoursePress PRO takes the features you love from CoursePress and unlocks the ability to create an unlimited number of courses. And get 12 payment gateways making it even easier to accept payments for your premium content."

And directs me back to that same page where I'm told it's already installed.

I tried making a course anyway and it ERASED my other two courses completely!

This is incredibly frustrating and I've written a ticket about this before all this happend but was told even though it doesn't say PRO on the dashboard it IS PRO. Apparently that is not the case.

And WPMUDev keeps sending me in cyclical loops that go nowhere and keeps trying to have me upgrade my subscription over and over when I just did so to get this plugin.

Please advise ASAP. I really need to get this functioning.

Access to my site is enabled for you.