My Descriptions Aren't Being Displayed

Hi @Paul

I have been testing this with the old version and the new beta and I am still getting the same results.

I create a post with regular content and then some content I want to protect.

I then protect that content using the PAWL functionality in select method.

I enter a description in the pop up that appears and then click save as required.

The pawl shortcode is autogenerated with my included description.

Upon visiting the page I see my first generated test code I created which is not right but funny.

this is the text in the page :

<h2>You can see this ...</h2>

[pwal id="68647159" description="this is shared for content"]
<h2>but you can't see this.</h2>


[pwal id="68648074" description="you should not be able to see this unless you shared"]and you most certainly can't see this either unless shared[/pwal]

PAWL is enabled and it does display.

You can see the output here :

I was expecting the description="description text" to create the text that appears in the box above the buttons.

I thought it best to report this now as I only just noticed it happening.