my digital downloads are not working correctly

When I download the pdf product it is downloaded as a .html file.

  • Dean Kaus

    Hello @gratwickfilms Did you upload the file to the media section first as a PDF?
    The one step I sometimes miss is when I upload the PDF or other Digital Download file, you need to copy the file path and then past that into the file path when setting up the new product. I don't know why if you select upload from the add new product setting that Marketpress doesn't automatically add the file location. Maybe @Aaron would have an answer to that problem.

    Once you add the proper link then after the purchase is made an encrypted download link will be created. When your customer clicks on that link if they save it to their computer then it should open up as a PDF as long as you have the latest version of Acrobat Reader installed. If they select the run option then I believe that it will open up as a html page.

    Hope this solves your problem. Thanks for being a member!

  • aecnu

    Greetings gratwickfilms,

    Downloads are easily added to the product when your hosting and WordPress are set up right for adding downloads.

    I shall explain of course but in general for file types so that this lengthy post will help anyone with this problem to be able to be successful with their downloads.

    The reason why Dean in the post above had to probably upload the file indirectly and then paste the URL into the download link in Market Press is probably because the file was larger then his hosting account allows, though I am only guessing since I do not know the details of Deans hosting account, but these same details will be covered below and Dean can if he wishes confirm my suspicions concerning the hosting account.

    The first thing to check is what the maximum size file your hosting account will allow you to upload. This trumps all WordPress settings, so this is the first thing to check.

    Below is an attached file in which you want to download and extract to your hard disk drive. Then you want to upload the phpinfo.php file to the root of your hosting account and then call it up in your browser using something like

    Though this page will indeed tell you a whole lot about your hosting account, for this subject we are only going to be concerned with the post_max_size setting which will determine what the largest upload file size you will be able to upload in WordPress.

    It does not matter what you set in WordPress itself, post_max_size is the maximum limit. If this setting is not high enough for the file you want to upload or allow to upload using WordPress, you will need to use an alternate method i.e. FTP ~or~ allow this size in your php.ini file in which if you do not know how to do this, consult your host for instructions.

    The first screen shot below shows that we set our post_max_size to 200 MB as the maximum allowable upload which will directly affect WordPress. This is standard with our hosting server accounts and to prove we practice what we preach you can check that here.

    The next thing to check is that WordPress is setup to accept the file type that is to be your download which is done by going to network admin dashboard --> Settings --> Settings --> and scrolling to towards the bottom of the page to the uploads settings section. The 2nd screen shot below indicates the file type sections, the allowed file type, and the maximum allowed file size upload.

    The first item circled in black, Site Upload Space indicates the WordPress sites default allowable upload space. The second item underlined in red Upload file types, determines the allowable file types to be uploaded to your WordPress installation/site. You can see in the screen shot we have added zip files to be allowed to be uploaded in addition to the WordPress standard file types.

    Last but certainly not least, the red arrow pointing to the Max Upload File Size which indeed matches the file size we have indicated in our php.ini file, in this case 200 MB. 1024 kbs = 1MB

    We are now able to directly upload into Market Press the download product file that are indicated in Upload File Types without any problem with a size up to 200 MB's.

    Of course one must have enough space on your hosting account to upload 200 MB's

    It is possible to upload files beyond the above parameters using FTP and pasting the URL into Market Press Product Download file URL, but if setup using the guidelines above one can make this what they want as long as it does not exceed the capabilities of your hosting account.

    The last screen shot shows the Upload Product File window, though not showing the file types allowed, does indicate the maximum size allowed of the allowable file types.

    This should clearly get you going and past any of the hurtles that keep you from uploading certain file types or file sizes and if not giving you the information to figure out why.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev Member!

    Cheers, Joe

  • James Dunn

    Goodday gratwickfilms.

    If you are making large downloads available (whether they exceed the max for your host or WP or not), I would definitely suggest using AmazonS3 to store those files and serve them from there. I've had many people that disagree with me on this suggestion - and I'm sure some will here - but AmazonS3 is very, very cheap to host your audio, video, and other files. I had a very high S3 bill last month (it was $0.98) and I use it for all images on my websites, any videos on my websites, documents, and almost any content that I can. I try to push it all to AmazonS3 because it removes that load from my hosting server.

    I don't know if Joe (AECNU)'s suggestions above will help you or not because I'm not 100% certain I understand your problem fully. If his suggestions do not help, can you provide us with more description so that someone could potentially help.

    Thanks and have a great weekend.

    James Dunn
    Athens, GA USA

  • gratwickfilms

    Hi guys,

    Thank you all for the responses. I sorted out the pdf.html issue I believe, but that is rather small compared to my next issue. What I am trying to do is self distribute two movies through our website using the marketpress app. We have the physical dvds set up fine, we are now trying to set up a digital download of each movie.

    I have scoured the internet for any kind of tutorial or instructional video on best practices for this, but continue to come up empty in my search.

    Right now both movie's are in .mov file format and each is between 3-4 gigs. I have the ability to put these files in any format, but have no idea which one would be the most ideal and universal format to sell. That is my first question.

    My second issue is the actual selling of the file. My first attempt was to upload the 3.5 gig .mov file directly to my bluehost account. From there I took the url of the file and placed it in the product digital download window. From there I set up the post the way I would for any other product. I set the price as free so I could test it.

    When I attempted to "buy" my product I was sent the email with a download link (by the way very vague from a costumer experience stand point) when I attempted to download my product. It started downloading "a" .mov file. It stopped after 156mb and declared it an unreadable file.

    That's where I am currently at. I am very confused. Do I need to set up another account somewhere (like amazon s3) to host this media? I would prefer not to add another cost, as bluehost has unlimited hosting.

    If I do need to set up another account, how (or who does marketpress play nice with) do I connect that with marketpress so I do not have two stores and separate product locations on my site?

    How does marketpress know to get the product from another account and how does that other account know that it's been paid for so it can release the file?

    Sorry for the long response. Trying to build our business from the ground up.

  • James Dunn

    Good day gratwickfilms.

    First off, don't get caught in the "unlimited" trap. While Bluehost (and dozens of others) promote "unlimited" this and "unlimited" that, there's always an escape clause for them to hammer you - or simply dismiss you as a client. With that said, you'll either get terminated or you'll get an "offer" for better service to meet your needs. Either way you'll find yourself in a situation where you'll need to spend more money.

    I personally like AmazonS3 and right now they are running a special promotion where you can get an account at NO cost for the first year as long as you don't exceed certain parameters. At present, I've got about a dozen clients that are now off of my pay account and on their own FREE account. But, even if you have a paid account, AmazonS3 is dirt cheap - and every time I get an email about a price change it's always less. Go figure - a company getting cheaper in this day and age.

    Plus, you can protect your links with AmazonS3 so that people are not stealing your bandwidth and products. This will become very valuable to you in the future as your site grows and you have more at stake.

    Are you trying to do "streaming" or are you selling a download that they can watch later? The process is a little different for each of those, so that answer is very important. I have a client that runs a small movie studio and wants to stream movies from her website. I'm still doing a lot of investigation for her because she has some other special requirements that I've not been able to satisfy yet, but streaming is an interesting item when you are doing a 2 hour movie. I know you told the size of your files, but how long are your movies.

    As for format, that is also an interesting question. Pre HTML5, to display on multiple devices (Windows, iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc,) required you to store your videos on multiple formats and serve up the proper format based upon the device that was attempting to view the video file. If you want to know what those files are, I can look in my notes and shoot them over. I also think I have the script that will direct the viewer to the proper file based on the device they're using. As I understand it, HTML5 is supposed to provide us with the ability to have ONE video format that should play across all platforms. So far I've not done anything with video and HTML5, so I'm not versed enough to entertain that query. Maybe someone else here has some experience with it.

    When you talk video, you are talking one of my passions and I know I've got to get comfortable with HTML5 and the new video codecs, but I've got several other huge projects on my plate preventing it at this point. In a week or two, that may change, so I'll visit it at the point.

    As for Marketpress and delivering video, since I'm a "newbie" with Marketpress, I can't answer that part of the equation. That will HAVE to fall to someone else.

    Sorry for such a long response as well. Like I said, you pushed the magic hot button for me - VIDEO!!!

    James Dunn
    Athens, GA USA

  • Dean Kaus

    hi @gratwickfilms first question I'd have is what type of movies are these? Instructional, personal commercial etc...

    Reason being is do you really need to be able to have great quality full screen?

    Most of my professional marketing companies that I work with require Quicktime (.mov) format HD 1080P Progressive. which makes really big files.

    I'd contact your hosting company to see if they really have limits. I have one of my test sites with bluehost and had already went in and set up the max file size. then I also had their support staff go in and he had to make another adjustment (I think they really do limit the size until you complain) He fixed it and I haven't had any problems since.

    I usually FTP larger files since I run into problems with marketpress not being able to upload large files from within the plugin.

    I also use another plugin called coolvideogallery which does have limits on the file size being uploaded, however the author has added a feature where you can FTP the larger files and then scan the gallery to add it to the library. I believe then it gives a shortcode as well as a url. The url is what I paste into the marketpress for downloads.

    I'll try to set up a downloadable video clip to test and send you the link to my site in a little bit.

    Most of my really large files (over 8gig) I use yousendit service

  • Dean Kaus

    Ok I just tested it and checked some of my old notes. I don't recall if I had actually requested this or not. We need a way for Marketpress to scan our upload folders for new videos or other types of large files in order to get a usable url in order to provide for download and selling of larger files. Since marketpress doesn't support (or at least it didn't before) the upload of larger files.

    so hopefully @Aaron @aecnu will have a solution for this soon. In the meantime since your not charging for the movies you could hypothetically post it to youtube and just put in the link information. Or another workaround that I'm using for my clients to approve the edits is to make a password protected page and using the coolvideo gallery plugin I can post large videos to a private page.

    Not sure if this helps or not

  • gratwickfilms

    Thanks guys for the information.

    Both movies are a little over an hour and a half and would currently be in 720. Dean it sounds like you method is similar to what I tried (uploading the large file directly to the ftp) however when i submit the url for the file in the marketpress product and test the download I get a corrupted file every time.

    If I set up an AmazonS3 account do I have to sell my files through a different plugin or can I sell them through the marketpress? If I can how does that work exactly?

  • gratwickfilms

    Hi guys,

    I've been doing a little more research and unfortunately I think the only mistake I made was in my decision to choose marketpress. While the app is very nice and robust all of that is useless if it doesn't play nice with anything else.

    I also use kunaki and there is no way to connect those two either. I am sure so one will respond with a suggestion to post a "job". While I admire the idea of creating employment opportunities for your community, creating an app that comes with a monthly cost is one thing, expecting us to then hire out your community to customize the plugin further is ridiculous.

    There are quite a few FREE plugins that play nice with almost every platform out there. I have no idea what marketpress is providing me with that is so amazing it can over come a total lack of capability with anything!

    It seems like a total commitment and focus to a substation upgrade in your business model and philosophies is in order.

    This plugin is useless if I lose every convenience ecommerce has to offer.

    Thanks for the effort guys, but the effort needs to be put into the product.

  • aecnu

    Greetings gratwickfilms,

    @Dean Kaus and @JamesDunn thank you both for your patience with this member, your selfless input, and efforts to assist, it is greatly appreciated as you both know.

    @gratwickfilms I have chosen not to address the frustration vented in the comments in the post above wisely knowing it will not do anyone any good and more then likely be a waste of time while not shedding any light on the prevailing issues that are the root cause of the frustration.

    I will take the technical issues on here one at a time.

    It started downloading "a" .mov file. It stopped after 156mb and declared it an unreadable file.

    This stopped because of a script timeout caused by the php.ini setting max_execution_time?

    Contact your host to resolve the timeout issue if they will indeed be accommodating of the time necessary to allow the script to run of a 4 GB file.

    I also use kunaki and there is no way to connect those two either.

    Absolutely not true, you can use the External Link within Market Press to send your client directly to your Kanaki listed product and purchase.

    Right now both movie's are in .mov file format and each is between 3-4 gigs.

    Quicktime Pro has a built in crunching feature that keeps the quality of the movie while making it a much more commonly readable and smaller MP4 file.

    If you FTP a file up then you know its path. If you use the WordPress media uploader you can find its path using FTP. If you have ssh access you can find its path in a New York minute if you know the files name.

    None of the items mentioned above, not a single one, is related to the Market Press plugin itself.

    I hope this sheds some light on your current technical challenges and helps facilitate your efforts for this projects completion.

    Sincerely, Joe

  • James Dunn

    Goodday gratwickfilms.

    I understand and appreciate your frustration; however, it is nothing compared to the frustration you will feel when you try some of the FREE options out there. How do I know? I've already tried about 3/4 of them (or 3/4 of the ones about a year ago).

    Unless someone writes something and offers it up to the world at a reasonable price, you will more than likely not find an "off the shelf" solution that meets your needs. Regardless of what you choose, you will still have to modify it and program solutions to fit your specific needs. I'm doing that for another client on an entirely different situation right now that deals with multi-site and using PayPal Adaptive Payments. That's part of the process here - we either take pre-made solutions and modify them to our needs, or we write the code to satisfy our needs. Believe you me, I'm still looking for that pre-done solution because I gave my client a quote of $20k to build the entire system she was wanting - she can't afford that, so I'm still looking - it's just not out there yet at a reasonable price.

    There are only two eCommerce solutions that I've seen that I would use for any of my client's situations. One is the Market Press system here in WPMUDev because of it's ease of use and flexibility. The other is Cart66 and that's due in part to the fact that I've worked with it for a while and like it. The other part is that it integrates well with Gravity Forms to create some really slick sales pages.

    You should be able to connect you Kunaki solution and an AmazonS3 solution to ANY eCommerce system (well, almost any, there's a few that you will not get that far with). The question is how much work will they require to make them work and how reliable will they be. Many times, I find that the FREE solutions have no support other than the users groups and lots of times the people posting there are just as frustrated and left in the cold as you are when you ask your question. At least with the two I mentioned above, you get premium support. Yes, you may either have to do some development or hire someone to do it for you, but that should be much easier than most options available to you.

    Once again, I'm sorry you are frustrated by this, but I don't think another solution is going to relieve your frustrations. In fact, I personally think it will only server to compound your frustrations.

    Good luck on whatever path you choose to follow. I hope you find an easy solution that fits your needs.

    Have a productive remainder of the week.

    James Dunn
    Athens, GA USA

  • gratwickfilms

    Joe and James, thank you both for the detailed responses.

    Joe I really think you need to not take things so personally. You are correct I am frustrated, but instead of being so offended you have to "ignore" that part of the response, why not take a hard look at the motivation of that frustration coming from one of your customers.

    I am frustrated because I think this is a GREAT plugin and I love many of the features, but researching many other options it seems the benefits that marketpress has, come at the sacrifice of many features that seem to be standard in even the free apps.

    -S3 integration seems to be pretty standard. (Even a tutorial in your forum, would be a classy move and excellent for you subscription base)

    -Social features and incentives/discounts for sharing

    -SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Honestly this one is ridiculous, how this wasn't addressed immediately I have no idea. ANY search of "marketpress" and the number one issue in every review, concern and in your own forum is the primitive shipping choices. Marketpress should be embarrassed to offer the WORST shipping options in all of ecommerce)

    -Affiliate program

    That's just a few of the major issues I am now having to take into consideration as a customer. These are the concerns that have me "frustrated" and debating a request for a refund.

    My question to the reps of marketpress is/was WHY should I continue to pay $40 a month for a plugin that has overlooked the most basic features and blown off every user inquiry about them, in every thread?

    More importantly WHAT am I getting in return, that only marketpress can provide, that out weighs the loss of those most essential features?

    Instead of being so offended a paying customer had the nerve to question why he should continue to be a "member", maybe you should be more offended by the fact no one at marketpress has addressed these simple solutions and put you in a position to be that "magical all in one plugin".

    From where I am sitting, the only features you are missing are the simple basic ones every other plugins developers seem to have figured out.

    You mastered the complexity, now install the simplicity and you have it all.

    If that offends you, then your real issue is that your content.

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