My first attempt at this has cost me my site so

My first attempt at this has cost me my site so I’ve scrubbed it to start again. This wasn’t too much of a loss, as there wasn’t much on there, however I do have another community site which would cause me to cry if I got it wrong. (Obviously, I’d back that one up though!)

The thing is, I’m finding the instructions a little unclear. I’ll try to explain what I’ve done so far.

I’m setting up multi-db on a shared hosting. It is not possible to automatically create databases, so I’ve created sixteen manually. Obviously, it would be much better to run this on a VPS, but this option is not available to me at this time.

Reference Usage (tab) here:

So, anyway, I’ve had to skip step two ,because I didn’t need the automatic database creation script.

I’m on step three: db-config.php and I’ll respond to the bullet points found there.

1 . Line 10 DB_SCALING is set to 16

2. Line 16. The first time around, I used the IP address of the server. Somewhere in the moving process, I come across a page which said that I couldn’t access the IP address directly and that I should use the URL instead.

This time around, I’ve put in the URL.

3. Provide the same name you assigned for your global database in

3. Line 25. Global database setting. I’m to provide the same name as my global database. (Example Step 2. ‘dbname_global’)

Well, I glanced through steps one and two and concluded that this must mean the original database. It obviously wasn’t once I used your automatic script to test this theory out.

This time around, I’m using the first NEW database name and I’ll append _global to it.

The thing is, in the script, it is asking for a global TABLE, which, is obvious to me – isn’t a database, but a component of one!

Never mind, I’ll put in the first database name and see what happens.

Okay now I’ve gone to your supplied link and filled out the form

It has outputted the information that I need to paste into db-config. I have had to change my database names and passwprds slighly. I’ve also substituted the information required in the global string.


I’ve filled in the data for the lines 19 – 21, namely “$dbname”, “$blog_table_prefix”, and the “$newdb_prefix”. I’ve added the grave character to the beginning and ending of the “$dbname”. This is due to the name having a hyphen in it.

**(Incidentally, In the “db-config.php” file, the new database names and usernames all have hyphens in them too, should I be using the grave character to get the script to ignore those also?)

** In move-blogs.php between lines 24 and 26 the scripts asks for the following:

//We need info to connect to the databases

$dbhost = ‘localhost’;

$dbuname = ‘user’;

$dbpass = ‘pass’;

I don’t understand this. Each database has a different name. How are these variables to be filled out?

One more thing: with the global database, does it have to have _global appended to the name?

I eagerly await your reply. Thanks very much