My homepage is now uneditable :(

My site was pushed live last night and when I went into the Upfront editor on the homepage this morning, the whole layout is completely frazzled (see screenshot)

The layout is all over the place, nothing really works and although I can get into the elements for most sections, I cannot save any changes that I make because the whole LH menu section is completely missing.

I need to be able to edit this homepage ASAP to be able to resolve some issues

**not sure if this might be part of the cause but the site was set up on a new host and this morning we changed the DNS on the main domain to point to the new server**

all other pages are accessible / editable via the Upfront interface... except the homepage.

If I access one of the elements by clicking on the settings cog, I can see the HTML tab but the CSS and JS tabs are blank and not clickable.

I am happy to provide admin access if this helps.

I look fwd to your assistance (again)

cheers... brett