My Icons and buttons are not displaying on the Mobile Breakpoint

Hi there guys,

I've been learning how to use Breakpoints to set up the mobile version of our site. We're basically using Wordpress and Upfront to set up a mobile app. So far so good, but... Unfortunately, what I see in Responsive Mode for mobile, isn't what I am seeing on my mobile. And, I can't seem to fix it!

Here's the site:

Here's how it looks on my iPhone:

One of the icons, for some crazy reason, isn't fitting in!

You can imagine that what we are trying to do is have all our icons arranged in a nice grid. Ideally, that would mean putting 3 icons, nicely spaced across the screen. Unfortunately, in the Upfront grid there are 7 longitudinal spaces and one can't fit 2 or 3 or 4 icons in that space! Two was the best I could do, and that doesn't even look quite right. Is there a way to by-pass the snap to grid restrictions in Responsive Mode so that one can space 3 icons nicely?

Thank you!