My Insane Project...

Decided to create a "digital version" of the city in which I live. It sounds a little nutty - but it's not exactly a stretch from what already exists (or is growing) online. What I think is interesting, is that no one has tried to do it on purpose.

At any rate I thought I'd start this thread and share some ideas of how I started, and continue to build a virtual (yet real live) city out of wordpress/mu/buddypress.

:o) I'll keep you posted.

  • BigCat

    Episode 1
    The Idea

    It's actually quite simple. I see social communities popping up all over the place. Pop Culture related, business related, and geographically related... the excuses to create a social network are as many as there are people. But what about creating a network which simply enables people to continue doing what they already do?

    So that's the idea really... to create a network that is limited only by the number of people that will join it, and allow them to carry on within that network as they normally would in real time, and real life. I know that doesn't explain much, but as I move on with the project - I'll share more and hopefully invite ideas and help along the way.

    For now, I'll simply introduce you to MyLethbridge A Wordpress/Buddypress/WPMU network which exists to provide the citizens of Lethbridge, Alberta (Canada) with a valuable, useful, and enjoyable way to experience and share this technology of social media in a way that brings better prosperity and fulfillment to their lives, and the community as a whole.

  • BigCat

    Episode 2
    It Begins

    So I created the site, enabled the network, installed buddy press, then started searching through the plugin archives to find a few tools that I thought would help me out. The first priority was to allow people to access the system without having to create a new account or new password. It seemed with the new API flexibility of Facebook - that the solution was right there in front of me. Finding "ultimate Facebook" wasn't as easy as it could have been - I actually tried 3 or 4 other plugins first - all of them seemed lacking in one way or the other. But hey - eventually I did find WPMUDev, and have already fixed nearly every problem that I had with the others.

    My next priority will be to create the page on Facebook as an app which integrates the content of the network back into Facebook in a way that helps people understand what it can do for them. This is proving to be a challenge since I haven't finished creating something to convince them they need. So, I'll just keep creating, and plugging in, and fumbling along from this point I guess.

    I think connecting with other site creators locally, and getting them to integrate their existing projects with the new "" network will be a good place to start. Enabling the blog sites on the WPMUNetwork will allow that, plus it now gives folks a great way to find new visitors for their own sites though the Facebook integration. We'll see how that unfolds ...

    *I'll Keep You Posted*

  • BigCat

    Hey David...
    Yep, I installed ultimate facebook - it runs pretty slick. Gives me the extensibility I needed for facebook for sure. There's a problem though - and I can't figure out how to fix it. I had to change the name of the facebook app. But instead of just changing it - I actually deleted it and created a new one. For some reason I figured it would be quicker than altering the existing one. Plus I thought it was good practice for later.
    When I created the new app - and then changed the settings in "Ultimate Facebook"... for some reason - it is popping up/launching the facebook connect window with the OLD API credentials. In other words, its trying to connect new registrations with the API credentials from the previously integrated facebook app. (hope that made some sense).
    SO, now I'm stuck with a great canvas, and the facebook tab the way I want it - but if someone clicks the "login through facebook" button on the login widget - it pukes because the window that pops up is calling to an app that no-longer exists.
    Even when I double check the setup in worpress/ultimateFB on the admin dashboard, it shows the new API etc. It's driving me up the wall - its like it refuses to forget the preveious API ID etc. *sigh* A bit of help here would be great if anyone reads this thread. :o)

  • BigCat

    WOWzers... what a pain in the neck!
    I fought with that problem for 2 days. I ended up clearing my browser history. That seemed to solve the problem - but I also unchecked the "keep me logged in" switch on the facebook login, so there's not way to know for sure which one (or both) had anything to do with it. I'll let the developers worry about that - for me - the important thing - is that it works.

    OK! Back to getting something done!


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