My Introduction - Adam Teece

I guess since I have interacted a bit elsewhere I should go ahead and introduce myself and give a little of my background.

I'm Adam Teece from Southwest Florida. I do local marketing online for small businesses and all websites I build for them are on Wordpress, whether it is mobile, e-commerce or just a brochure site.

I joined WPMUdev to both learn more about Wordpress, learn a bit about WPMU and buddypress(though I still havent learned too much about it yet as I haven't had to set up BuddyPress for anyone yet) and get access to the amazing plugins and such here.

I have tried to learn programming in the past but never really could. I understand the basics of HTML and CSS but PHP is mostly confusing to me. I can make minor edits here and there as needed, but I am not sure if I will ever be a full blown dev. It would be cool if I did learn that much though because I have some ideas for some very useful plugins for me and my clients, but we will see how that goes.

I'm great at systemizing businesses and workflow and such once I get it down, so if I can help anyone, just let me know.