My last try before I give up, Login Redirect

Sorry to come back again. Am sad because it don’t seems to be much answer on this forum atleast for some plugins.

I had a site that got messed up a month ago and I have tried on this Forum now 2 times without any luck.

My first post was at the Redirects Plugin-Forum April 25 without any answer at all. Then I made a new new post April 30 with one answer that I could get more help if I wanted, the no answer again.

My last try before I leave wpmudev, belov is my problem (again):

My site is a MU with 7 blogs and use S2Member Framework as membership script:

Login Redirects crash functionality?

April 30


Ihave not got any responce under the “Login Redirect” subject so I post it here also:

I have big trouble and “crashed” the functionality of my Blog when installing Login Redirect.

It didnt take me to right place (MU site with 7 blog). The first in the root: is public and there is also a Login button. My meaning was that when a member made the Login they should arrive at one of the other “subblog page” but sorry to say this is what happened.

Now I cant show the root public pages, when taking the URL: it goes direct to: and what is showing up is not the public page but instead the wordpress login screen. And after made that login it goes to the main root index page.

After many tries I deactivated the plugin and also removed it BUT somehow it must have left something in a db-table or php page because now I can never show the public pages in the root. Always getting the wordpress login screen.

Take care / LarsW