My latest WPMU project is launched

Hi, we just launched my latest WPMU project ,

It is a site builder that is targeted at small local businesses, one that don't yet have a website or have a basic website without a CMS.

We have done a lot of customisation, and using Easy Blogger , New blog Template combined with the new Wordpress Theme customiser to make creating a website as simple as we can. An added benefit is a I have created a specific, automatically switching, responsive mobile them, so any one signing up automatically gets a mobile site too. All for £10/month inc VAT, it really suits low budget businesses.

What we have found, it the mobile CMS alone is a good option for businesses with a good desktop site that doesn't suit mobile, they can keep their desktop, drop a bit of redirect code to our mobile site and they have a mobile solution for next to nothing.

Take a look at the video on the main page of llocally, where we demonstrate creating a website in less than one minute (although there is a lot of cut and pasting going on, and just a bit of preparation, it shows it can be done!)