My main site storage limit is through the roof...

So my main site storage limit is through the roof. I can't seem to find out where all the memory/storage is going too. I also, found an odd display, attached below.
Hoping to figure out where my storage is going to.
Can you lend a hand? I've given support access. Just in case.
Thank You,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Adrian,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I accessed your site and took a look around. There's not much however that I can find that way. I can see that it's a multisite containing 25 sites and that there are some snapshots (with locally stored archives) but the better way to find out about storage consumption would be through cPanel.

    Would you mind if I used it to examine the issue? I do not have access to it, so if you agree please

    - put access credentials to the cPanel into the text box in "Support Access" section of "Network Admin -> WPMU DEV -> Support" page and save it (it will not be posted anywhere and will stay inside your page, I will only be able to view it when I access the site)

    - let me know here that it's already there

    I will then access your site and use these credentials to access cPanel and see if I can find what may be taking that much storage space.

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Adrian!

    Thank you, I was able to access your cPanel and review disk usage.

    The biggest "space eaters" are folders:

    1. public_html
    2. mail

    1. public_html

    This is the folder where you website is installed and it take around 5GB of space. The "wp-content/uploads" folder is the biggest one with around 4GB used. Two folders inside occupying the most space are "sites" and "snapshots".

    The "snapshots" one is where our Snapshot plugin keeps its local backups. I see that there's 17 active snapshots created on your site and each one stores 1 local copy of the backup. That means 17 backup files that are constantly stored there. In total they take a bit over 1,5GB of space.

    This can be changed but it's a matter of your decision. You do push (at least some of them) these backups to the Amazon cloud (external destination) so you may - if you want to - quit on keeping additional copies locally. To do this, you will want to edit each snapshot's settings and set "Keep local archives?" option to "No".

    With that setting snapshot will delete these files after they are successfully pushed to the external destination. Still, you will experience temporary "spikes" of disk usage because backup files has to be created locally - so they will be put on your server's drive during backup process - but they won't occupy storage space "permanently".

    The second huge folder inside "wp-content/uploads" is "sites". That folder is around 2GB in size and it contains Media Library uploaded files for all the sites of your Multisite. This however is a bit more complex. The files there are files from Media Library and none of the folders inside hits the 500MB limit that you set on your site. The biggest two (for site's ID - accordingly - 4 and 31) are 353 and 191MB in size. Then there's a few over 100MB and other are rather small.

    The "catch" here is that cleaning that up may be difficult. There's the plugin that may help you clean up the Media Library (I think it has to be used "site by site") by identifying and trashing all images that are not used anywhere. Please however be very careful when using it, there's always an option that the file has been uploaded to Media Library but instead of being attached to the post/page, it has just been directly linked (hotlinked) somwhere. It's worth taking a look though:

    Reviewing Media Library of every sub-site may also be worth giving a shot as it may help you "visually" identify unused/broken/unnecessary files and remove them, though it's surely a time-consuming task.

    Finally, you may want to give our WP Smush a shot as it would compress images, therefore shrinking the files so they would occupy less space:

    That's pretty much all you can do here, unfortunately. As you network will grow bigger it will be more and more difficult to avoid increase in storage space use. The more sites your host, the more content comes up and I can tell from my own experience that often "the need for space" usually grows much faster than one would expect :wink:

    The other folder that I mentioned at the beginning is "mail" folder. In comparison to what we discussed above, it is not that big because it takes only about 214MB but it's the second big folder on a server. It's the "internal" server where your inbox'es content is stored and it seems that the biggest accounts are those two with e-mail addresses starting from "a...@church...." :slight_smile: One takes about 80MB and one about 56MB currently. It's not much but it's always a good practice to do some "cleaning up". I've once seen a case where with an account set to "no storage limit" a user has generated over 4GB of archived mails that were kept on a server, not even knowing that (the user was using desktop mail client but didn't know that it was set to keep copies of messages on server). It's worth taking an eye on then :slight_smile:

    Other than that, there's not much else that would be affecting storage space usage of your server.

    I hope that helps :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

  • Dimitris

    Hey there Adrian,

    hope you're doing good today! :slight_smile:

    Could you please check that you haven't surpassed (if used already) the site upload limit in Network Settings admin page?

    If this isn't the case here, please re-grant us with support access to the website in question as it seems that got auto-expired.

    Warm regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello, Adrian!

    Thanks for granting support access. I checked your setup and even though the "general" allowed upload size in total is set to around 5GB (so each site should allow that much), you got Pro Sites plugin enabled with "Upload Quota" module.

    That quota (see "Network Admin -> Pro Sites -> Settings -> Upload Quota") is set to 500MB and it's possible that it had indeed been reached. Since all your sites (if I'm not mistaken) are Pro Site sites, that quota will take effect and override other settings.

    What I'd try to do would be to increase that Pro Sites Upload Quota a bit and then check again if you can add new files. That would confirm if this is the case or show us if we need to investigate it further.

    Best regards,