My pages and media no longer appear in the dashboard and also don't properly display on my webs

I hadn't accessed my site for quite awhile and just performed an upgrade to 3.9.1. On the dashboard when I click on pages, it now says "No Pages Found" and when I click on Media it shows none of the files that used to be there.

However, when I click on Posts, I can see my pages there and when I click on view for one of the posts it will display the page with the images that go on that page. So, it seems all of my content is there...but just not in the right place anymore. When I try to access my site, it is only displaying one page....but not the proper home page. I can see all of the content still exists when I view the wp_posts table in my database.

I have read through many different posts and performed all of the suggested things to try, all to no effect. (such as deactivating all plugins and changing the permalinks back to the default setting).

Was hoping that someone else may be able to offer some additional suggestions.

BTW, the site in question is: