my pages in the menu point to the wrong URL

Hi Guys,

so this is about the site where i inherited the mess? where when we created the network, it said - oh don't worry, there is one already? except it was working on subfolders not subdomains?

well -

here's the mess.

the site thinks that the root of the site is
but it really isn't.
it's www - and because it's SSL, it lives in a different place altogether than public_html.

i think there is a complication, due to the back-end guys messing up the wildcard for the subdomains as well, but at this point, it's a comedy of errors. i need to fix my end whether theirs is fixed or not. if that makes sense.

1 - how do i check that the database is healthy? that it knows where it lives, and that it finds the correct root folder? (like, one that actually exists would be nice)

2 - is there a best practices / benchmark kind of thing i can run against my wordpress to help me identify time bombs like these?

3 - is there a faster way to fix a site than to MANUALLY fix the links to all the pages in the menu?

i'm happy to part with the username and password if i can just have a paramedic in there (or a medical examiner for the autopsy).

I just checked - when i create a new menu item, it points to the wrong place, so it really is broken on database level? this is very exciting, and it also explains why the subdomains don't work so well - it thinks they live elsewhere from where they were created.