My Portfolio Theme Keeps Breaking…

Hi, I found an awesome portfolio theme from Theme Forest called Corona (by kriesi). I really like this theme and I think I payed $50 for it. I want to use this theme on several portfolio sites on my multisite network. I really like the portfolio features this theme comes with, but for some reason I get a 404 error (not found) when I click on a portfolio Item. This is not always the case, I am using this theme on 2 sites at the moment ( and is working perfectly (for now) but is giving me this 404 error when I click on a portfolio item.

This Corona theme comes with its own theme option and features including a portfolio template page that displays sort-able portfolio items and its own method of adding and catagorizing portfolio items, similar to adding blog posts. I know that some themes may not be supported in WordPress multisite but I do not want to give up yet! If there is anything I can do to make this theme work on my multisite network, then I want to figure it out.

When I first made the website then it also worked fine and did not give me the 404 error when I clicked on a portfolio item, it just started giving me this error the other day, and I do not know why. The website also started giving me this 404 error yesterday but then about 4 hours latter it stopped and began working perfectly again. I deiced to continue working on the website and continue adding content because it seems to be working right now but how do I know that it is not just going to break on me again?

Is there anyone willing to try and help me trouble shoot this problem? Right now I’m getting this problem on the website and I think that if I can find out what is causing it and fix it here on this website then I can take care of it on other sites on my multisite network that will be using this portfolio theme.

Please visit my site to see what I am talking about. I appreciate any input, help, or ideas that anyone might have for me.