My primary wordpress site on shared hosting server was wide open for hacks after defender tweaks

After setting up the hardening options for WP Defender the primary domain on my shared hosting is not showing the site, nor can I go back in the admin area.

But worse then that, the main page led to a wordpress signup url

It asked me for a language of choice after which I could install wordpress. This means anyone could have gone there and made a new wordpress and in the process overwriting/deleting the original site. My hosting provider told me that this could actually happen so now I have asked them to take the user to a landing page.

however, now my site is basically dead. And the same thing happened to another website which was also primary domain on shared hosting and that one is even more dead than dj-meme: Also mentioned that in another thread but nothing has workded so far. The DJ-Meme thing is especially critical since this could perhaps happen to other people and then they are at the risk of getting their site deleted by whomever whether intentional or by accident.

please help