My products page has disappeared

There is no content on my products page. All of my category pages are working, but not the page that would list all the products. (It's been renamed as "gifts," but that shouldn't matter, should it? How can I fix it? I'm new to MarketPress and I don't know where to find the page or the code for it.

  • Brian

    @electroasd - This does work to display the products, and it picks up my product listing setting (e.g., no excerpts). So thanks! I have a couple of small problems with this solution, though: (1) I can't find a way to display the product filters on the page; and (2) the URL is inconsistent with the rest of the store. (It doesn't work if I make the new products page a sub-page of my "store" page, only if it's a standalone page.)

    That second problem is not a dealbreaker, but I'd like to understand what's going on and why the original products page isn't working.

    @Jack - I would definitely like to understand why the out-of-the-box setup isn't working. The site is still in development, and it's on a password-protected subdomain. I could send you the password privately. Let me know if that makes sense.

    Best regards to you both.


  • Brian

    @electroasd - thanks again for your reply.

    When I mention the product filters, I'm referring to the drop-downs for product categories and "order by" that can be set to display on product listing pages. I don't see anything in the documentation about shortcodes to add those filters.

    The site is still in password-protected demo mode for now, as I finish designing it, so I can't provide a public link at the moment.

    In my presentation settings, I have the Store Base set to the default /store/ and the Products List set to /store/gifts/. I am not displaying the main "store" page anywhere -- it is set as the Home Page in the WP settings, but it is overridden by the "EZ home page" layout from my theme (Catalyst).

    The main navigation links are the product categories (for example, /store/gifts/category/clothing), and those all work. I also have links to custom taxonomy listing pages (e.g., Shop by Brand) that are set up through CustomPress.

    But I also set up a navigation link to "All Gifts" which goes to /store/gifts/. That's the one that results in a page with blank content (header, footer, and sidebar are all there).

    When I set up a new "All Gifts" page per your original reply, if I set it up as a sub-page of "Store" with the URL /store/gifts/ in order to preserve the original URL structure, I still get the blank page. It will display only if I make it a standalone page (/gifts/) rather than setting the parent to Store.

    I hope that's clear. Thanks!


  • electroasd

    Let's start from the beginning.

    You have installed the catalyst theme. Is this one?

    Second, the filter you 're mention, where do you see it? In the theme's demo or somewhere else?

    Third, You should add a new page, which inside you set what products you want to display with a shortcode. Lets's say that you page name is "All Gift" and the permalink is "gift". To display this page with the products you want you only should click yourdomain/gift and not yourdomain/store/gift.

    Can you post a screenshot with your site and also a screenshot from backend sections Page and Product Categories and tell us what exactly would you like to do.

    With this way we can help you more correctly

  • Brian


    (1) I am using the Catalyst framework with the Dynamik child theme. See

    (2) The product filters are toggled on or off in the presentation settings. See "Show Product Filers" in the attached screenshot. I've decided to turn them off at least for now, because (a) there is no need for me to have a drop-down for categories when the categories are my primary navigation links, and (b) whenever I changed the order of the products, the product images failed to load.

    (3) I decided to follow your suggestion and use a page with the shortcode to display all products, rather than continuing to troubleshoot the cause of the blank product listing page. As @Jack said, that should work out of the box, but it wasn't working for me here. In any event, setting up the new page does the job.

    Thanks again for your help.


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