My question is. Where do I start?.. I wish to become a Web

Hello, My question is. Where do I start?.. I wish to become a Web Developer and currently have little experience. Could you guys please suggest which path is the easiest to learn? What Theme, plugins and social group should I join? I am open to all suggestions and willing to learn.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Prasheen,

    You're in luck! There are tons and tons of online resources when it comes to becoming a Web Developer. Here is an article that lists a lot: it is a bit old but still has a ton of relevant information/links.

    You could also check out - there are a lot of good beginner courses on there.

    Our very own WPMU DEV Blog has tons of awesome content too :slight_smile: Feel free to comment on any articles you have questions on.

    Above all, practice. In my opinion, all the video/written tutorials in the world won't help you if you aren't getting any hands on experience. Play around with different coding languages (HTML, CSS, PHP etc.). You will probably find that it's a lot of fun too :slight_smile:

    We are working on a WPMU DEV Academy that we should be releasing in the somewhat near future. That will be a good resource as well! Keep an eye out for that.

    Hope that gives you a good start Prasheen! Let us know if there is anything else we can help with.


  • julie


    Focus on the essentials first: HTML and CSS. You should be familiar with XHTML, HTML 5 and below and CSS3 and below. There are different situations where one version is used -- for instance I was concerned about browser compatibility, so I didn't start building HTML5/CSS3 websites until this year.

    There is a handy tool called a code validator that you can copy your HTML and CSS into and it will give you a listing of all of your errors. It's at

    Learn to code by hand using a text editor. Notepad++ is what I use. It helps by allowing you to match your beginning and ending tags, color coding, auto completion, etc. that helps when coding in specific languages.

    After you are comfortable with coding by hand and the languages listed above you should learn Javascript. Javascript is used extensively in web design for animations, form validation, etc. After you learn Javascript you can pick up jQuery.

    Once you have those languages down, you should either learn PHP and/or ASP.NET with C#. If you use a Linux Web Server it will run PHP, along with a MySQL database (it's often referred to as LAMP - for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). If you use a Windows server, you should learn ASP.NET with either Visual Basic or C#. C# is a more powerful language.

    From there, you can continue to learn various languages and techniques -- it's always changing. That's what makes web development exciting and challenging! Good luck!

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