My questions are not answered and i loose to much time

My questions are not answered and i loose to much time developping. I ask it again for the 4 time? why can everyone who has not done the payment see all my content?

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    • HummingBird

    This is the sort of thing that you should drop into a live help session for. Shouting about not getting answers won't help. It's like walking up to the mechanic, pointing at your car from across the street and screaming "LOOK AT IT! IT DOESN'T RUN! WHY?"

    You've got a configuration error big guy, and all the screaming in the world won't help if you don't either provide a more detailed question or have a WPMU staffer look at it directly.

    Now go sit in a corner and think about why the community is annoyed with you instead of helping you. When you come up with a good answer, ask the question again properly.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey Kevin.

    You're being incredibly vague about what issue you have here, and what plugin it even refers too.

    I'm sure I've mentioned this in response to at least one of your other 600+ posts in the last 3 months, you need to provide some actual detail on what the issue is, what plugin you're using, the settings, even screenshots of the settings.

    By deliberately being vague, you're making it incredibly hard for us to understand and support. Also, rather than multiple threads and posts per issue you must confine yourself being clear and concise. This will help us to better serve you.

    You also said you've asked this question 4 times, can you provide those 4 links please. I want to review them.

    I guess you're talking about Membership rather than Pay Per View, or one of the other many plugins we have?

    Each Subscription is independent of the other. So each one is a clean slate, if there is not a specific rule saying they can't see the content, they will see it.

    Membership also requires that you set a stranger level. If the Stranger level does not say they can't specifically access something, they will see the content.

    Please review our video tutorial series on this plugin here:

    I note that often you'll have a thread where there are little to no details and then just a screenshot. Please stop doing that, your posts must be clear and concise explaining the issue and what we're we're looking for so we can recreate and advise. Don't keep including a whole post within a screenshot.

    Have a great day!

  • kevin
    • WP Core Meltdown

    i already find out by myself maybe i need to become a staf member to provide more understandable infomation instead of projecting your own inability to serve people the proper way like you are doing. Its easier to project it to others then taking the resonsibility to provide correct and understandable information. IF you are a team why then i got answers from people i good not answer because i was ill???

    You could just easily say: To avoid that people who had singed up got access to protected content you need to direct them to a membership level and make sure that that level is activated.

    Dont make everything more complicate then it is..

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    We offer over 300 product downloads. How can I guess which one you're asking about?

    You're deliberately vague on every post, it makes it hard to understand what you're asking, what you want and why.

    You open multiple threads about 1 issue. You post multiple times to a single thread and yet manage to provide absolutely no information at all.

    How can we help if you don't give us any details about the issue, what plugin you're using and any screenshots.

    I'm sorry but we're simply not Psychic, I can't guess what you're doing, and what you've done. Communication is a two way street, and you need to facilitate this.

    To get better support, you need to ask better questions, maybe even ask yourself these questions first and answer them so that no one else needs too:

    What version of the software are you running?
    What’s your operating system?
    What Browser?
    What exactly are you trying to do that won’t work?
    Is the problem uniform or erratic?
    What’s the exact error message?
    When did it arise?
    What exactly don’t you “get”?
    Can you provide sample code, ideally with line errors where the error occurs?

    Questions quoted from:

    - Screenshots of settings?
    - How to recreate the issue?
    - What plugin?
    - Any debugging already done?

    I'm sorry but there would be no staff openings for you.

    Have a good day.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    That thread you linked to, you were told what to do there.

    Did you give WPML a go?

    And that thread is marked internal. Only you and staff can see that.

    Try clicking that link whilst logged out, under another account or on a link from Google (whilst logged out). You'll find it can't be accessed.

    We can't help if the link and details still show in Google, but it can't be accessed so they should remove it soon.

    I have no idea where you asked for it to be marked internal though, you were vague about that information.


  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon


    Well, not everyone is here using plugins for their own sites.

    Some people don't want their competition knowing where they get their backing from.

    Some people don't want their clients to know that it's us that code and support their sites indirectly.

    Some just don't want the association because our market is not related to theirs.

    Some people come come here to get support, and then provide our answers to their own members.

    That's a few reasons I can think of :slight_smile:

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