My recommendations

I need this to do a few more things.

The use of the plugin bunches the text up against the bullet image with no horizontal padding so that I couldn’t use the categories and gift sections. Although, I liked these functions very much. I created my own jpeg for donor levels and gifts.

Second, I need the totals to update automatically. If there isn’t some way for donors to almost immediately see the progress line go up from their donations then it won’t work for all I need it to do.

Third, when I was testing it with donor levels I would click on a level and not notice that the donation amount change down lower. So I thought the plugin was non-functioning. Again, the donor box that gets auto filled was below the fold since I had so many levels so I thought clicking on a donor level was non-functioning.

Instead of it entering an amount at the bottom, or off screen, let it go directly to PayPal. This will serve the purpose of the person clicking on a certain level.

Next, I need the Fundraising SHEET to show up in WordPress somewhere. On the Reading Page of Settings the page doesn’t show up anywhere. I wanted to make the fundraising page the home page but I can’t because it isn’t listed. Also, because it isn’t showing up inside WordPress, I can disable WP Socializer on that page. I can’t control the options for the Fundraising Page. Comments, Pingback, Share Button Templates. Etc.

I would live with all these problems if it auto-populated the donation into the total progress bar. Until that happens, I will be using it very infrequently and with no plans to keep using it in the future.

Love what you are trying to do. I wish I knew code to help. Thanks for the first version to jump start our conversation.