My Shopping Cart stopped working yesterday

My Shopping Cart was working fine up until Friday. I had one person purchase a product on Friday morning, and then it stopped working. You can add products to the cart and they show up in the shopping cart widget, but when you go to check out or just go to the shopping cart, it tells you that the cart is empty. When you navigate back to a product page, the shopping cart widget is empty. However, if you add a new product, all of the old products show up. However, they all disappear again when you go to checkout.

None of this behavior was occurring for the last month until Friday morning. However, the shopping cart does work when I am logged in as the administrator. Even more strange, the shopping cart works from the Chrome Browser on my Android phone! Please help. The site is:

  • aristath
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    Hello there @Dan, I hope you're well today!

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to test this as you seem to be blocking any non-US traffic. Or is it just my country? (See attached screenshot).

    In most cases what you're describing can be caused by 2 things:
    1. Caching
    2. Security

    If you're using some form of caching, please make sure you add an exception for the cart.
    I see you're using nginx instead of apache on that site, so please keep in mind that if you're using it as a reverse proxy, you'll need to do some extra configuration keeping in mind the cookies that are needed and allowing the cart urls to go through unaffected.
    Same thing goes if you're using some other kind of reverse proxy like varnish, squid etc.

    As for security, over-securing a site, disabling cookies, disallowing variables and other settings can have that effect.

    I would suggest you simply disable any security or caching plugins you might have installed on your site and test this again.


  • dmuchnok
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    Hi Aristath,

    It turned out to be the cacheing. I use a proxy firewall and I had cacheing turned on to improve performance. I guess that the FW decided that the shopping cart was getting popular enough to start cacheing it, so that everyone who tried to check out was getting the cached version of the shopping cart rather than the correct, calculated result.

    Anyway, I turned off the cache this morning and the shopping cart is working again. Thanks for the great suggestion!


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