My site is currently set up like this: Marketpress +

My site is currently set up like this:
Marketpress + Appointments+ using product pages to book each appointment for a $ amount.

I was wondering, could I install Pro Sites, and use it to allow this:
Basic Member -> 100% discount for 2 hours, then 15% off extra hours
Pro Member -> 100% discount for 4 hours, then 30% off extra
Elite Member -> 100% discount for 6 hours, then 50% off extra

My goal is to get a subscription model setup where they get an allotted amount of free hours first, then once they use those, a discount off any extra hours. Please let me know if this would be possible. I'm not even sure that Pro Sites can integrate with Appointments+, but I'm hoping so the way I have it currently setup using Marketpress product pages to sell the appointments....

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    Hey Amanda,

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    Unfortunately there is no direct integration between the 2.

    The functionality you are looking for will need to be custom coded I am afraid.

    The A+ plugin does integrate with Membership plugin to offer "Discount for selected Membership level(s) (%)" which you can use to offer a % discount.

    Is that something that would suit your requirement for the initial discount ? The initial discount can be used as a development path for the conditions you have got there.

    Perhaps a job requirement here would help you get some developer on it :


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    Hey there,

    Sorry for the delay, I was away family during baby birth.

    So pro sites does not integrate at all with market press product pages in terms of offering discounts?

    No it doesn't. They are separate plugins used to achieve separate functionality.

    is it possible to just take the stripe payment gateway from pro sites and use that with membership?

    Stripe is not yet included in Membership plugin as in ProSites as well, its in beta stage once that is a stable release, we can request it to be added to the Membership plugin. If you need it any earlier, I am afraid it will have to be custom coded. You can also get someone to do it for you here :

    Do you have any other possible solution you can think of for my problem?

    What you need to do is a complex one which can not be done using a plugin just out of the box.

    Appointments+ integrates with MarketPress plugin and it offers Stripe so you can use MarketPress integration and that will allow you to use stripe as a gateway !

    Secondly for the discount purpose, MarketPress supports discount coupons which you can use to provide discounts to your members.

    What you can do is that you can create custom coupons which are delivered to your members via emails. You can create 6 discount coupons matching the same price as the appointments are and then create a 50% discount coupon and send them to your Elite members via email. So they can get 100% discount on first 6 and then 50% on further ones.

    Would that work ?

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