My site keeps getting hacked is there a way at all to prevent this?

Actually everytime that my organization has a basketball tournament our site goes down from malware or something and then it's a huge headache considering that people need to get on there to pay and check schedule What can i do to stop this?

  • Vaughan

    Hi Brian,

    Hope you're well?

    It's practically impossible to stop it 100%, so you should never drop your guard even if you have the best defenses available. On saying that though, there is quite a few things you can do to lower the risk.

    Starting with the obvious, make sure that everything is up to date, plugins, themes & the wordpress core.

    Server software such as PHP isn't something you have control of with shared hosting, but if you have your own VPS or server, then you should check your server software versions too because apache & PHP are also prone, i'm not saying you should constantly update to the latest versions, but you should keep a check of the releases, as newer releases will fix security issues, they are usually listed in the release.

    Make sure that your files & folder permissions & ownerships are configured correctly, by this I mean if you have to set folders with a chmod 777 for something to work, then something is wrong with the server config.

    Regularly check your sites server access logs via your CPanel, either with AWstats or whatever tool you have available. This can give you vital information on targetted attacks.

    There's also a few tools which you can utilise too, Sucuri have some good tools & also ithemes security (but be careful, as you can be too paranoid, and you have to weigh up security measures against user inconvenience, if the users are too inconvenienced by your security measures, they will eventually not bother and you will inevitably lose customers.

    Here's a few good tools to try.

    and most of all. If you are constantly being attacked, it is good idea to make regular daily backups, but make sure that your backups are clean, so preferably do a security scan before you backup, but backups are essential.

    Hope this helps

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