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I wanted this page to look symmetrical and professional, to make good use of the space. However, in the categories half the states are missing in my categories, and I was simply thinking of establishing some type of search bar drop down list that would help them find what they're looking for. If this couldn't be done, could I at least get the 3rd category placed next the the first and second and have all my states listed. I'm doing my best to make the best possible use of this space, since right now the page looks scattered and unprofessional the url is

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    I updated the directory plugin like you mentioned and it removed my header. Now it just says rehab finder. I have created a customer banner that could go there, with my clients 1-800 number etc... Also I have the chat plugin that works great but it put everything to the bottom. In the theme it says sidebar infactive and only portrays footers in the widget area. I would like to have a side bar that I can add widgets too similar to, so I can add my chat contract now from my social medial icons, and maybe a few other things. Also under rehab directories it only lists 5 of the 50 states. Is there a way to spread those out evenly of have something on the bottom that says continued, or even just show all the sites. I'm trying to get that page to look symetrical, while having my sidebar active at all times. If you could help me do that, I would be so greatful and happy. Thank you....

    Also, when I updated the theme it removed the old banner and left a blank white spot. I just need to know where I need to put this image on the new theme, since they must of redirected the directories. I also found out that when I updated everything the old header that was on there labeled rehab-finder-header1.jpg is not showing, on the old version of the template it was. However, now it's blank, so it must of got redirected somewhere?

    Current Theme
    Directory Theme

    By Tammie Lister, Ivan Shaovchev (Incsub)
    Version 1.1.1

    After I get that up, I would like to add a side bar. First when I went in it said sidebar inactive, now for some reason it completely disappeared.

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