My sites files suddenly missing

Hi, I have a site with hostgator. I decided to get more security and got sucuri firewall (cloudproxy) and i changed the maxcdn settings. They hardened up my site, and cleaned up cpanel. The problem is now my files are suddenly gone. They say its not them, but it happened after they made configurations. I was wondering if you guys have any clues to what might have happened? Do you guys help with restores? I am happy to pay. I just am at my wits end, and totally devastated. It is 3 years worth of hard work gone. And my main source of income. I am just a mess right now. I am too emotional to think. Noone seems to be able to help me. Vaultpress is unable to connect to my site. I do have backupbuddy, but I have no clue how to restore, and I am so emotional I cant use my brain. Any suggestions?

  • Sajid

    Hi @inger

    Hope you are doing good beside this tragedy :slight_smile:

    I know it feels when someone lost precious content (I have been in this, same situation in the past).

    Right now calm your senses, I can see you said that you have took backup of your website with backup buddy. Now locate that backup and restore it on your website with by following simple steps.

    Option one:
    1. Download a backup or send it directly to destination (hover backup in list for options).
    2. Upload importbuddy.php & backup ZIP file to the destination server directory where you want your site restored to (ie into FTP directory /public_html/ or similar).
    3. Navigate to the uploaded importbuddy.php URL in your web browser (ie
    4. Follow the on-screen directions until the restore / migration is complete.

    See below manual, for more details.

    Option two:
    The other option is every hosting does take backups periodically. You can contact your hosting and ask them to give your website backup files or restore it back to your server.

    Option three:
    I am afriad we don't offer any custom services for our members. Sorry. But you can do find a professional from our development board that can help you get out of this mess.

    Hope that helps and good luck :slight_smile:

    Cheers, Sajid

  • inger

    Hi Sajid, Thank you for your reply. Yes it was pretty intense, and I still dont know why. Its good to know there are professional developers out there I can reach out. I felt so helpless yesterday, and now I am scared it will happen again. I am not very good at manual restores, and I cant get vaultpress to connect to the site due to the firewall. I read somewhere that this code can be put in the config.php file so vaultpress can connect to the site: (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_X_SUCURI_CLIENTIP']))
    Since I dont understand coding, does that code need me to put sucuri ip and my ip into it manually, or is it ready to go as if...?
    Thank you again,

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