My Sites super admin pull down menu has overlapping test "Blavatar"?

Multisite; MarketPress; Pro3 theme etc.
Did number of steps to get ready to create new shops! Need help in 2 areas.

1. Created "Shop Template" (slug = shop-template).

2. Configured Branding and Easy Blogging to tighten up site admin dashboard for users.

(a) In the Custom Admin Bar, I use "Site Menu" and "New Sites", but now the two sites listed in my menu have "Blavatar" text Overlapping their names! (I don't have avatar installed). I uninstalled branding and it went away.

3. Failed to create "Shop Template" in New Blog Templates (attached image below). Searched "" and clicked "Create Blog Template". Received an error msg (attached image below). I don't know if this is related but need help here too.

[Recently my server admin search/replace http: with https: in database tables. I have just re-installed Ultimate Branding, New Blog Templates, Easy Blogging. No change.]

Thank you.

  • MoniQ
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    Images of New Blog Template setup and error msg are attached below.
    Not sure how to setup new blog template.

    Created a shop template: Shop Template (shop-template)

    First tried to create "Shop Template".
    Searched for /shop-template, then shop-template (both received same error.)

    Then tried to create with different name "Create Shop".
    Searched for same error.

    Is this going to mess up my main site?

  • MoniQ
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    I would love to provide you with access - "Support access is INACTIVE". Clicked "Grant Access", it shows a no-entry symbol. I checked my account status and monthly payment went through today as usual. Maybe this has something to do with it?!

  • MoniQ
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    I login to my site with different credentials than WPMUDev. When I go into support, I see an "Upgrade" sign. Perhaps the internal support feature requires my WPMUDev login to work. Confusing, as I already provided access in December to a staff member.

  • MoniQ
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    Aristath, I managed to create a template! yay

    I do want admins to update shop pages via easy blogging, just don't want them to make pages or create posts. (May change in the future.) Is this line used to block admins from editing pages or creating pages or both:

    Check if you want to block for edition (even for the blog administrator) the posts/pages created by the template by default

    I left it deselected.

    I have also installed content copier/integrated. Will I be able to push updates to the shop template out to the shop sub-sites already created?

    As for "Blavatar", I tried deactivating the Facebook permissions add on in Easy Blogging - no difference. I don't have avatars installed but I did - uninstalled as it would not upload images. Now SSL is fixed, I will try again, but after we fix.


  • MoniQ
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    @Aristath, failed first shop creation ):

    Shop Demo1 (attached screenshot)
    User does not have admin permissions.
    Cannot access easy blogging wizard or admin menus to update shop.
    Blog Template failed to load shop-template! (attached shop-template)
    Subsite settings reveal template/styles "twenty-fourteen"; default role "subscriber".

    Q: I have user role editor installed. Can I setup default roles?
    Member/subscriber and shop merchant/admin for sure, and maybe one more.

    Q: How do I update user roles after they are made?
    (I don't want to have to do this for every new subsite or user if possible.)
    Went to add myself as user in new subsite, and could only choose admin. Super admin has access to all users/sites, etc. Correct? So no need to add me in?

    Q: When using new blog templates, am I to activate the theme for each new subsite? Um.


  • MoniQ
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    @Aristath, I managed to grant staff access support today. Please feel free to jump in.

    I posted a new thread regarding new blog template issues, so I can focus on Ultimate Branding or "Blavatar" in here. I uninstalled UB plugin again and noticed overlapping "Blavatar" text goes away. So it is definitely related in some way.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  • aristath
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    Hello again @MoniQ,
    I hope you're well today!

    I logged in to your site and took a look.
    From what I understand, the problem is with the User Role Editor plugin.
    You've restricted admin rights too much in the template site (and as a result to all new sites) which results in these issues.

    Have you tried disabling this plugin to see if this issue still occurs?

    Please advise,

  • MoniQ
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    I uninstalled user role editor, reviewed menu settings in easy blogging, and tested it again with a new site administrator account in main site. This user cannot access pre-set menus beyond edit profile and access dashboard.

    When viewing all sites, I see teammember1 as site admin, but it behaves like subscriber in easy blogging. This has been consistent from the start. I can't seem to get past this.


  • MoniQ
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    I deactivated everything in ultimate branding and found Blavatar dissappeared, then added one by one setting options.

    It is the global favicon that adds Blavatar text to everything if it is activated without a graphic uploaded. (Could add to instructions, "use a graphic file with same name as 'favicon', along with the mentioned file types". Won't take any other name.) Loaded custom favicon. Solved.

    Have not solved user permissions for those who create/register a shop. They cannot access the menus I created for them to build/manage shop. These menu buttons were given permissions in easy blogging. Is this a bug?

    (Not sure if I am to post another thread or keep going to solve user permissions.)

    Thank you!

  • MoniQ
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    Hello Aristath, thanks. Here is a bit of info on access issues:

    When a user logins, they see a "Update your Profile" or "Manage your shop" link to access the dashboard (unfortunately manage your shop repeats on the page right now, once for every site created; a little confusing :slight_smile: Once they access the dashboard...

    Easy Blogging - Dashboard Menu:
    Added an intro-instruction widget, and menu-buttons to help merchants maintain inventory, shipping, paypal and coupons ongoing.

    Easy Blogging - Wizard:
    Created 1-15 steps to help a new merchant setup their shop (they work within a basic shop-template format; although I have not been able to successfully create a shop using new blog templates yet ):

    Access - New Member:
    Users can login and access the dashboard and profile only, which is great. (Although I have not tested if they can update their email or "comment" on a blog yet :slight_smile:

    Access - New Shop Merchant:
    Users create a new shop, click "Manage your Shop" to access dashboard and profile, but cannot access any menus I created.

    I have extended staff support access to

    I will re-install Easy Blogging.
    I have a feeling custom login/register from theme tailors is not setup right. (Thread)
    I have deactivated WP HTTPS Plugin and User Role Editor.
    I have downloaded Press Permit plugin but will wait to install/test.

    Thank you!

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