My solution to have different Easy Blogging menu display per theme, plugin, ...


I saw that there are a some people wanting to have a custom configuration of easy blogging per theme, plugin or custom types.

Here are some of the threads I found :

This seems to be a feature request for the next releases of the plugin.
Waiting for this new version, I think I should share the solution I use to display a specific easy blogging menu for each theme I use.

This solution is not automatic and needs some little work, but you don't have to type a line of code.

Let's say you want to display a specific easy blogging menu for the editor users of your portfolio theme which has some additional custom post types.

You have to install the User Role Editor plugin.
Once activated on the network. You go to the admin of your main site (not the network admin), under users, go in the user role editor settings.

Duplicate the editor user for example and name the new user : editor_"your theme name".

Once the new user role created, load the new user role on top of the user role editor settings and check the box "apply to all sites" (I'm not sure about the exact name of the box as I don't use an english version of the plugin).

You now have to go to the network admin under the easy blogging settings.
First activate the easy blogging display for your new user role.
Second install if not already done the "manage menu items" add-on.
Third you add a new menu item with the url of your custom post types admin panel and show this new menu entry for your new user role.

For all the users you want to display the new menu item you have to give them your new user role you just have created.

You can use this to display specific menu per theme, plugin or whatever you want.

This solution works perfect for me, so maybe it will help some of you.