My 'SPIRIT' is broken...Urgent assistance required

I truly mean that my spirit is broken in more way than one!

I am not sure what has occurred but I am now unable to access the Home page using Upfront to edit or amend anything! When I attempt to do so it crashes my server... Literally!?

All I have don't is attempt to edit the code your Mailchimp plugin that you sent to me on this support code.

I now can not get back to the page (Home) to remove the code. It gets to 60/61% loaded then stalls. When this happens it overloads my servers Apache Memory and CPU usage. I have tried to deactivate plugins etc, but no luck whatsoever.

Please be cautious when accessing this as I have other clients sites on the server and this makes the server perform extremely badly,

Is there any 'safe mode' options to get to this code and remove it! I have opened Support Access already.

I am beyond despair with this Theme and Upfront as it seems to make things that should be simple, infinitely difficult and complex!

I look forward to a prompt and complete response to this issue...