My static homepage change to a different page by itself?!

I was updating the responsive design of my website yesterday, but for some reason when I woke up today, my about page had become my home page!? I can't figure out how to get back to my normal static front page.
I was chatting with someone earlier, but I got disconnected.

  • Nahid

    Hi there Darvin !
    Hope you are having a great day!

    I'm sorry about the matter that you're facing this issue. This seems unusual and most likely not a theme issue. Can you try switching your theme to be a default WordPress theme like Twenty Seventeen and check if the issue still persist? I guess somehow the settings in the wp_options table in your database. I've just checked your Settings>Reading page and the front-page is set to show your latest posts. Can you try switching it to your Static Page?

    Hope this helps. Let me know what the results are. Thanks!


  • Darvin

    Yeah I doubt this has anything to do with a theme as well, but I was forced to pick a category and plugin/upfront seemed the most likely culprits, since it happened while I was editing my responsive designs.

    I did notice that the Reading setting was set to show latest post but,

    1) I did not change this?!

    2) It is NOT showing my latest posts but rather my About page!?

    Also, my old home page doesn't have a name in the traditional sense, so how can I pick it?

  • Nahid

    Hi there Darvin !
    Hope you are doing well today and please excuse my late response.

    The front-end page setup process may be a little confusing. Let me please clarify this a bit.

    1. Upfront-based themes are using "virtual templates" which aren't stored as e.g. page.php files in theme's folder. These templates are created "on the fly" and based on settings saved in database.

    2. This means that there's what we could call a "pre-defined template" for front-page which is different for each Upfront-based theme but is strictly assigned to a front-page.

    3. As a result, you can actually assign already existing WP page as a "static page" for front-end but once it's assigned it will pickup the Upfront "front page template".

    That being said, you can't indeed design the page with Upfront while it's not a front-page and afterwards set it as a front-page and make it keep your design. You need to design front-page "on front-page". Once you assign another page as a "static front-page" it will pick up front-page design.

    Also, you cannot assign a default Upfront front page as a "static page" because it's a "virtual page". So, you may want to leave it the way it is (only re-designing it) or follow the steps above.

    I hope this helps! And just to let you know, we don't move on to recent tickets when we can't figure out what's happening as we spend a lot of time (more than half of our shift) figuring out the unresolved tickets. I'm extremely sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Darvin

    The handling of tickets was actually expressed to me by a staff member at the time, but I digress.

    That helps a little, but where would I go to see the page I designed "on the fly" (your words) so that I can assign it to be my front page again?

    Are you saying that it no longer exists? It's not listed in the drop down for pages that I can choose for my static front page. Could it be a .php somewhere?

    I'm just trying to find the front page i had before it changed to my About page by itself.

    Can you suggest where else I might look to find it? Is "on front-page" a .php file?

  • Nastia

    Hello Darvin

    Hope you are doing well!

    I am sorry to hear that you needed to start from scratch again. Just a note, please run a daily snapshot backup with the Snapshot Pro plugin, so you could bypass these unpredictable issues

    Is is possible that the layout was reset from Upfront -> General settings? In case, if previously another page were set as a home page from Settings > Reading, to get the virtual page set as your homepage again, change the Front page displays settings to Your latest posts
    [image pos="0"]

    This should bring the virtual page back. Though I see you mentioned above that it was already set like this, so this indeed sounds very strange.

    I did some tests on my installation, and couldn't reproduce the same. Would you please chek if you have any errors reported in the error.log on your server, at the time this issue happen?

    Also, I see the Defender is installed on your site. If the Audit log is activated, would you please check these logs on the day this issue happen? This might help us replicate the issue.

    Please advice,

    Kind regards,

  • Darvin

    Thanks Nastia. Yeah I had the Snapshot plugin installed, but it wasn't running due to execution time limits. I have it working now though, so I should be in a much better position if anything else goes wrong.
    As far as audit, I've had Defender installed for a while, but I didn't realize Audit Logging had to be activated separately. This too is now active.
    I've recreated my homepage now and have precautions in place, so I'm not going to worry about it anymore. Thanks for your help.

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