my subscription is ending should i renew it?

Hi Guys,

i have to say that you have amazing plugins, but for me that is very novice with worpress i having very diffculties to config the plugins to work togheter.

and asking for support here take forever.. the reason i subscribed to this is offcource to get the plugins so my developing with worpress goes faster but is have not happen.

so i am in dilema.

i know this is not a support question just wanted to say my thought.

Have a nice day.

  • Zyniker

    Realistically, this comes down to a matter of what're you're currently doing with the plugins/themes and what you intend to do with your site in the future. If you have integrated some of the plugins into your site and they are tied to core functionality, it would make sense to renew your membership. If you haven't really tied the plugins into your core functionality of your site (e.g., you use only Floating Social), then it may not be as necessary for you to maintain your membership.

    Personally, I've integrated so many of the WPMU DEV plugins into so many of my sites at a core functionality level that I wouldn't even know where to start if I was going to attempt to implement alternatives. Also, the support here is pretty quick and there's a relatively large and knowledgeable user base, some of whom are willing to offer help when they can.

    If you are having trouble getting the plugins to work together or getting your site to function the way you want, you may want to look into hiring a consultant to get things up and running for you. The initial configuration is often more difficult than the day-to-day administrative (that has certainly been my experience, at least). Again, it all comes back to what you are doing now with your sites and what you intend to do with them in the future.

    If, however, you're just asking for a straight up recommendation, I'd go with: "Yes, renew your membership.". At $35/month, even if the plugins save you only an hour or two of effort each month, they've more than paid for themselves (maybe even less time, I have no idea what you charge hourly, after all).

  • Gabe

    Hey Erik. Sure it's not instant, dedicated help, but you're not paying consulting fees either. Even the full WPMU DEV annual fee alone is what you'd pay for 2-5 hours of support with a good developer. You could ask for help on the support forums, but because it's an all-volunteer community and there is no guarantee that you'll even get a response, though they do have some great people there.

    As you mentioned, part of the value of this community is in the plugins, video/splog APIs and customer support but much of the value is in the ability to get involved in the conversation. Being an expert in this (or any other tech community) is a moving target, so even learning the basics is challenging. The only real way to learn is to immerse yourself in it and get involved in the discussion. It won't just happen.

    On top of it, the ability to have access to reliable plugins that are updated regularly is a huge benefit, particularly if you're running a business with them. It has the potential to save a business thousands of dollars over time.

    You say you're a novice, but that means you can learn a lot and grow as well. Just like you get faster at running or better at sports by working out with those who are better, you learn more by being around those who know more than you do.

    And at the same time, the burden is on each one of us. You'll often see people ask questions on here that they could have just Googled, looked at the instructions for or done a bit of research to figure out. Ask any programmer and they'll tell you the most valuable skills to have are persistence and the willingness to figure things out. That's how you learn. The more you learn, the better you get and the more capable you become. The WPMU DEV community is a great place for when you get stuck and to expand understanding, but we owe it to ourselves to stretch and give it an honest effort beforehand. Being a novice is only temporary..

    No matter how much of a novice you are, you know more than someone else. Maybe someone new has a question that you can help out with. You'll also learn by helping others. Over time you'll gain points and you'll eventually earn a free lifetime membership and make this question irrelevant.

    Ultimately it's up to you (especially the financial aspect) but if you're asking for advice I recommend you stick around if you're willing to get involved in the conversation and get the most out of it. On a selfish note, we all enjoy having you as part of the community; the more the merrier and we all learn from each other. Either way, thanks for asking the question, I'm sure there are others who have wondered the same thing. Hope this helps.

  • Tom Eagles


    Hi Erik

    The project we have been discussing by email really isn't a novice type endeavour, it will really need at least some custom work, but it doesn't mean that you won't get help and we will be here for you, if you have specific install setup problems or need pointing in the right direction then give us a shout.

    You have some awsome advice above. Check your email you have a small surprise.



  • erikjohansson

    Hi Tom,

    That is a very nice eaely Christmas present :slight_smile:

    I appreciate it allot.

    regarding the idea we talked in prevevous post i think the way to do it is with event, membeship sytem and buddypress.

    but still i don know how to config these 3 amazing plugins to work togheter.

    i know you had a look at my idea and the site i showed you and i thank you for this :wink:
    but i am not 100% sure if you understand what it was. as i think is possible to use a Event plugin for this as the Chefs will add there meals mayabe only 2 portions they cooked that day and members can order them and pick meals up the chefs location.
    but ordering will be with out any online payment. payment will be at location.

    is like create an event wit 2 tickets but the event is called meal of the day.

    Warm regards Erik

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