My SUPER DUPER 2012 Wishlist!

I just found this stickie and decided to share with my fellow network admins.

Sooooo. Here is my Top 10 List of Stuff I would like want from the lovely folks at WPMUDEV.

1. Landing Page plug-in or theme. A No brainer add on to the affiliate / membership / pro sites family.

2. (sub) Domain Parked page. For those of us running Pay to blog. Ad widgets/ custom messages.
Something like those hosting companies (domain purchased pages)

3. Ad bar similar complex network (attached) so we can add rss streams + links , social etc. The idea is to link sites together and share traffic cross promote your network affiliates, etc.
(see bottom of thisd page :

4. A template to aggregate a bunch of your social stuff in one place with links etc. Maybe a bio too. I can't believe there are whole companies that do only this....cleary a need for it.

5. A Media Player like JW Player HTML5. Playlists, download manager, buy links.

6. Responsive themes so I can offer my members a one size fits all option.

7. Podcasting Plug-in

8. The abilitiy to choose size of training videos. embed codes?....anything

9. Cloud Hosting / CDN....yes really!

10. Some sort of Super Forms maker like Grav...ahem!

Some of these things are already available elsewhere but I would love to have the quality and community here behind them. I am growing weary of un-supported Wordpress Projects.