My suport has disappeared for +appointments?

I have had big problems with a question:

I have done what she asked me about but nothing happens. Now my calendar completely wrong and I do not know what to do to correct the problem.

Maybe she has gone for the day but it can not be like this. Please help

For a while I had a problem with writing questions. Your page said I had to become a new member . Thankfully , it was corrected . I get very nervous in my dealings with you

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Charles,

    I hope you’re well today and I apologize for any possible delays on this issue.

    I can see that @jude is working with you on fixing the problem. It seems that he’s off at the moment. My bet would be that he had worked before for a long hours and we all have to get some rest sometimes, just to regain an energy to be able to give you the best support possible. Thanks for understanding!

    However, it would be great if we could continue the conversation on your original thread. This way we’ll be able to keep our eyes on every detail and every important information and we’ll get the better picture of the whole.

    Please give me a moment to get familiar with the issue and I’ll jump into the thread. That being said, I’m closing this one as no longer relevant to the case.

    Kind regards,


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