my test multi site updates my 'real multisite'

Hi there folks :slight_smile:
A while back I started my multisite and I decided to set up a test site for updates, testing new plugin compatibility etc. I actually thought I was losing it :slight_smile: but whenever I made changes to the test site, especially the subdomains it would jump in on the real site and the updates would actually appear there. Here is the really odd bit. I set up the new test site with a different url, different database name. The only thing the two sites shared was the server. The hosting company had a look too, but couldn't figure out what was wrong so I ended up setting up a new server for the test site. That, of course is an expensive solution, because I need to run 2 servers when I do updates or changes :slight_frown: is there anyone who knows what on earth is going on? It kinda makes me nervous too because then if I set up a network of sites then all of it might end up a glorious mess.

Thanks in advance

  • Vaughan

    Hi Linda,

    Hope you're well?

    I can't possibly see how this could be happening if you have a different DB, URL.

    The only wayI can think of this occurring is if the wp-config.php DB details are the same, including the DB prefix.

    When you say a different URL though, you mean a different domain?

    Running 2 seperate multi-sites on the same domain itself is not a good idea at all, as that can cause issues with the URL rewriting.

    I would start by comparing the wp-config.php for each sites, making sure the DB info is actually different.

    But other than that, I can't see any way this could happen.

    Hope this helps

  • Linda

    Hi there Vaughan
    Thank you SO much for your thorough reply!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
    Yes it's very strange, when I logged into my test site and then ended up on the real site, I kept on thinking, I must have logged into the wrong site, again and again...but I do think you might have found the problem when you say that the URL is rewriting. That's exactly what it looked like. I use cloudways. They have this 1 click setup of new applications on the same server. That's super cool, but when you set up the application e.g. a test site you are given an URL for your site - a very loooong ugly looking thing :slight_smile: which you can then point a proper domain to when you are ready. Maybe that's the issue, the server has the same underlying server url regardless of the application... my real site started off with one of those as when I logged into my test site, which had the long URL I was actually redirected to my www domain name...does that sound reasonable to you? I'll have a look at the config file and db prefix too, just to make sure I don't do that one more time :slight_smile:


    Kind regards

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