My website are consumed very much bandwidth

I must hire freelancer create new theme for my website : .
Everything is ok, but bandwidth of my website are consumed very fast .

i attach picture Usage Statistics for .

My visitors for 1 month only ~9,000 visitors . but bandwidth are consumed larger 30GB/ half of month ?

  • aristath

    Hello again @jaavu,

    From the screenshot above I can see that you're using a theme or plugin that uses timthumb...
    Recently a new vulnerability was discovered for timthumb:
    Please make sure that all your themes and plugins are up to date...

    Then take a look at the "Top 10 URLs by KBytes" table.
    You opbviously are using some large images and files there...
    2GB of your bandwidth was spent for your background_2.png image, another 2GB for a file and so on... You should probably just minimize these images and not use some web-optimized versions of them.

    You should check your file on tools.pingdom, you'll see there that a single call to your site "costs" 3.4MB and takes 34seconds to load! You should really consider re-coding some of ytour images and perhaps also lighten up your scripts.
    Re-examining the plugins you use and removing all non-essential plugins would really help.

    I hope that helps!


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