My website has been down a few times

I was on chat and the support should have created a tickets but I don t see it

My website has been down a few times and I would like to know why and fix it not to do it again


  • Atkotech
    • Recruit

    Hi Hannah,

    Are there any error messages on your website? Are you working on the site when this happens or not? If so, what are you doing when it happens? Are you on shared hosting or VPS or Dedicated Server?

    Sorry for the questions but to resolve this we would need to know a little more about the problem. Thanks & hopefully we can resolve this for you.


  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello Hannah

    Are you using any VPS or dedicated server? Some servers can’t take load sometimes and restarts automatically.

    Would you please talk to your host about their uptime?

    Another thing, are you using automatic backup on hub? If so, what is the frequency?



  • Atkotech
    • Recruit

    If you log in to your hosting & look for something like error logs you should be able to see what is going on, on your hosting to make it crash. Another thing is to check your plugins. Too many plugins, particularly on shared hosting, can cause a crash if it is using too many resources. When you are on a shared hosting plan, there are a limited amount of resources available amongst everyone on that server. Those resources are shared out amongst everyone so you can quickly reach the limit with any resource hungry plugins. I would recommend at least a VPS for WordPress, it’s still limited to a certain extent but at least you get access to the full limit of the resources allocated to you. Let me know if you need to know more on that.

    Back to your immediate problem though. You could turn your plugins off one by one & see if that is making the difference. You might find that one plugin is using all the shared resources & crashing the site.

    Just a couple of things for you to try. Hope this helps,


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