My Website has gone mad – Visual Composer?


I recently installed visual composer and everything was fine a few days ago. I added some things to my home page, like a call to action and post grids for pages and posts. All worked well. Then all of a sudden I couldn’t have both grids on a page. The first grid worked (pages) and my recent posts would work on other pages stand alone. I thought it was weird shortcode, as i found a few oddities, fixed them, and things worked. For a time.

To make things fun, the grids would swap over on the home page. And, extra points, things would work on my phone but not in my browser!

I have moved the recent posts grid to the bottom of the home page and every now and then it pops back up:

Then my ninja kick email form (floating email on the right) stopped working. First it wouldn’t close properly, then it just wouldn’t do anything at all, crashing the page.

Today thing got much worse. The site was really slow, so I used humming bird to minify stuff. and like magic my home page worked perfectly. After a few page refreshes random vc elements on the site stopped working. Turing of humming bird did nothing. But turning things on and off in there would often bring VC elements or ninja kick back to life.

I have been back and forth. Fix one thing, then another breaks. Now I am just clicking refresh, see post girds, click ninja kick, it works. Yay! Click refresh, now ninja kick doesn’t work. Boo. Click refresh, now ninja kick does work, but no post grids! Crap… Click again, everything is gone! WTFlyingF!?

Could someone with more knowledge than me please have a look so I can be pointed in the right direction?

I don’t know if it is my server, a script conflict, voodoo or just VC trying to drive me insane.