my website have woocommerce, wpallimport, and snapshot

my website have woocommerce, wpallimport, and snapshot plugin. i have 16,000 products. and i setup my snapshot to backup all of it. but it seems to stop at media files roughly at 40%. i tried twice. and i have leave it running for hours. each of the products have one photo. so it have 16,000 photos too i would say. can snapshot handle it? i have no idea what wrong. the disk spaced used for the whole website is estimated around 600MB based on what i can see in the Cpanel. the website is

  • Abdul Bari

    i am using the latest version. i just downloaded it 2-3 days ago. it keep failing at this:

    Files: : media/2013/12 40% (files 2/5)

    It doesnt say any error but it stop doing anything for hours (coz i was waiting while watching movie on my desktop)

    i did it two times and it keep failing at the same place.

    the Usage and Peak is 88.87M. and my memory is 256MB. running on VPS.

    when i click "Abort" it will say "Snapshot backup aborted."

    help please.

  • Paul

    @Abdul Bari,

    i am using the latest version. i just downloaded it 2-3 days ago

    Then you are not using the latest version. The latest version, was released less than 24 hours ago. Though really no improvements were made to the backup process. Still please update to the newest version.

    Instead of running in Immediate/Interactive mode try setting the snapshot to run as a scheduled backup. You can do this easily. Go to the Snapshot > All Snapshots listing. If you hover on the first column you will see the action menu display. Select the 'run now' option. This will run snapshot in the background.

    So what is the difference from 'run now' and the immediate mode? When running in the immediate mode snapshot breaks the data into smaller chunks in order to update the screen for the user. Otherwise you may get the notion that nothing is happening. Using the background 'run now' option the backups don't need to worry about the scorn updates.

    Just let it run. Eventually it will finish. You can also check the snapshot logs. Via FTP go to wp-content/uploads/snapshots/_logs/ The newest file will contain the information about the backup.

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