My website host won't allow us to create multiple databases

They've told us we can't use the Multi-DB plugin, but we need to scale and we plan to have more than 5000 blogs one day!

We'd prefer not to change hosts if we can avoid it. Is there another way we can deal with the performance issues that multi-DB was trying to solve? (I'm not technically advanced, so I don't know what performance issues those actually are!)

Or if we do need to change hosts, can someone recommend a good host to change to? What host is Edublogs on?



  • Ivan
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    Hey Thomas,

    Hope you are well today and thanks for your question.

    I am afraid if they don't allow you to have more databases the only way is to choose another provider. I think you could just write them and ask for plan upgrade for the number of the databases you want to use. They should be happy to offer you something and keep you as a customer.
    In future if you grow big you might need VPS(Virtual Private Server) or even dedicated one, but that will come naturally later.

    We have couple of articles regarding hosting companies, one for Shared hosting and one for VPS/Cloud Hosting

    Let me try to clear a little bit what Multi-DB plugin is trying to solve.

    Usually with normal install you will have one database with tables inside. And the actual data of the site is stored in this tables - post, pages, users etc.
    So when you start having a lot of content on this site your database and the tables inside are becoming biggger and bigger to point where they are hunders of megabytes or even gigabytes.
    And when someone decide to open post or a page from this database/table and it is enormously big, the server will be slow because will need to go trough a lot of data to locate the one you are requested and show it in your browser.
    What Multi-Db plugin does is to separate that default one database to more smaller ones so the content in then can be showed more quickly.

    Hope this makes sense.


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