'My Websites' bug when failing to update

This isn't necessarily about the selected website in question, but it is about the 'My Websites' dashboard here at wpmudev.org.

I had two plugin updates available, when updating the first something went wrong and the update failed (it is still at the older version). Then I updated the second plugin and it succeed at updating the second. But the dashboard now shows that both plugins are up-to-date despite the fact that only one should be.

The issue preventing the update of the first plugin is file/folder permissions (the file owner is not the same as the web process). But regardless of the source of the failure the dashboard should still report one update available, imo.

  • Niklas
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    As I said, this is not about any website in particular, nor is this an issue with any particular plugin. This happens on any web site and is an issue with premium.wpmudev.org. This happens with any plugin which fails to update. This happens on any site where a plugin fails to update. As I said, the bug lies in the interface at premium.wpmudev.org. premium.wpmudev.org should not report a success when it has previously failed.

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Niklas,

    Thanks for the additional info, I was doing some tests and was able to replicate something similar, can you tell which message did you actually see?

    I did manage to see the warning message that HUB was unable to communicate with my server and that update might still be in process, so I went to my WP files directly on server and the plugin was actually updated.
    Can you check your files or at least check in WP admin directly if there's update pending on your site, if it's not that means that your plugin did actually update.

    Best regards,

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