My welcome and othe notification still weird after 3.0.1 !

Hiya !

still have this annoying problem but discovered something :

this is what i have in the PO file :

Dear User,\n
Your new SITE_NAME site has been successfully set up at:\n
You can log in to the administrator account with the following information:\n
Username: USERNAME\n
Password: PASSWORD\n
Login Here: BLOG_URLwp-login.php\n
We hope you enjoy your new site.\n
--The Team @ SITE_NAME

of course here the trad :

Cher utilisateur,\n
Votre nouveau site SITE_NAME a été bien créé à l'adresse :\n
Vous pouvez vous connecter au compte administrateur avec les informations suivantes :\n
Identifiant : USERNAME\n
Mot de passe : PASSWORD\n
Connectez-vous ici : BLOG_URLwp-login.php\n
Nous espérons que vous apprécierez votre nouveau site.\n
Merci !\n
--L'équipe @ SITE_NAME


Here what I have in may admin and so the mail I receive !!! :

This occures on a WP 3.0.1 + BP last version on THIS install, I have another one with exactly the same config, updated the same day with same file and its OK !!!!!

Ca m'éneeeeeeeeeeerve !