My WPMU Dev API Key keeps invalidating and activating notifications

In the last 2 days, I have logged on to check for updates and seen that my WPMU Dev API key has a red background and is classed as invalid, both times I clicked the "Check Key" button and it turned green again.

My main issue tho is that in turning green all the WPMU Dev spam notifications were turned on in my members wp-admins and this is unacceptable.

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    @Phil What happens when a membership ends? Do API keys stop working?

    You can still use it for free plugins.

    Just to confirm that every time I reload the page the key has a red background. Using the latest version too.

    Is this happening on multiple sites? MS or single WP?

    And you say once you click check key it goes green? Then stays that way if you visit the page again?

  • Memiah
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    These are the notices I get when I click "Check Key"

    Notice: Undefined index: action in /sites/memiahsites/wp-content/plugins/wpmudev-updates/update-notifications.php on line 696

    Notice: Undefined variable: mu_plugin_file in /sites/memiahsites/wp-content/plugins/wpmudev-updates/update-notifications.php on line 236

    Notice: Undefined index: hide_upgrades in /sites/memiahsites/wp-content/plugins/wpmudev-updates/update-notifications.php on line 718

    Notice: Undefined index: hide_notices in /sites/memiahsites/wp-content/plugins/wpmudev-updates/update-notifications.php on line 719

    Notice: Undefined index: hide_releases in /sites/memiahsites/wp-content/plugins/wpmudev-updates/update-notifications.php on line 720

    The first notice always comes up.

  • Memiah
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    "What happens when you click "Update Now" on the page? Does the key go green but turn red on next page load too?"

    That is exactly what happens, also when the key is red the list of WPMU Dev plugins is empty (Released, Updated and Installed).

  • Memiah
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Disregard, I was looking in the wrong table,this is the content:

    a:10:{s:15:"latest_versions";a:4:{i:216;a:9:{s:2:"id";s:3:"216";s:4:"name";s:18:"Google Maps Plugin";s:17:"short_description";s:189:"Easily embed, customize and use Google maps on your WordPress site - in posts, pages or as an easy to use widget.  Display local images and let your site visitors get directions in seconds.";s:7:"version";s:3:"2.1";s:10:"autoupdate";s:1:"1";s:9:"changelog";s:161:"<p>Added new "Zoom" attribute for merged maps in widget.<br />
    Allowed for Map Types in shortcode.<br />
    Added measurement units support in plugin defaults.</p>
    ";s:3:"url";s:64:"";s:16:"instructions_url";s:77:"";s:11:"support_url";s:40:"";}i:1;a:9:{s:2:"id";s:1:"1";s:4:"name";s:8:"Multi-DB";s:17:"short_description";s:140:"Allows you to scale your standard Multisite install to allow for millions of blogs... also will vastly improve the performance of your site!";s:7:"version";s:5:"3.0.6";s:10:"autoupdate";s:1:"0";s:9:"changelog";s:33:"<p>Fixed character set issue</p>
    ";s:3:"url";s:44:"";s:16:"instructions_url";s:57:"";s:11:"support_url";s:40:"";}i:119;a:9:{s:2:"id";s:3:"119";s:4:"name";s:20:"Update Notifications";s:17:"short_description";s:176:"This required plugin lets you know when your WPMU DEV plugins and themes need to be updated, and even allows you to auto-update them... critical for security and functionality!";s:7:"version";s:5:"2.1.3";s:10:"autoupdate";s:1:"1";s:9:"changelog";s:80:"<p>- Added extra error checks and redundancy in case of API server problems</p>
    ";s:3:"url";s:56:"";s:16:"instructions_url";s:69:"";s:11:"support_url";s:40:"";}i:167;a:9:{s:2:"id";s:3:"167";s:4:"name";s:12:"WPMU DEV SEO";s:17:"short_description";s:67:"Every SEO option your WordPress site requires - in one easy bundle.";s:7:"version";s:5:"1.2.1";s:10:"autoupdate";s:1:"1";s:9:"changelog";s:80:"<p>Fixed autolink detection for strings that start with a non-ascii letter.</p>
    ";s:3:"url";s:48:"";s:16:"instructions_url";s:61:"";s:11:"support_url";s:40:"";}}s:14:"latest_plugins";a:5:{i:240;a:6:{s:2:"id";s:3:"240";s:5:"title";s:11:"In Post Ads";s:7:"version";s:3:"1.2";s:10:"autoupdate";s:1:"1";s:17:"short_description";s:154:"This plugin allows you to place advertisements (custom post types) throughout each post after x number of paragraphs, see it action on, it rocks!";s:3:"url";s:47:"";}i:234;a:6:{s:2:"id";s:3:"234";s:5:"title";s:16:"Easy Google +1  ";s:7:"version";s:5:"1.0.3";s:10:"autoupdate";s:1:"1";s:17:"short_description";s:97:"Add the Google +1 button to your site and let your visitors tell the world how cool your site is!";s:3:"url";s:44:"";}i:233;a:6:{s:2:"id";s:3:"233";s:5:"title";s:13:"e-Newsletter ";s:7:"version";s:5:"1.0.6";s:10:"autoupdate";s:1:"1";s:17:"short_description";s:119:"Create, manage and send beautiful HTML newsletters to users and subscribers from right inside your WordPress dashboard.";s:3:"url";s:48:"";}i:232;a:6:{s:2:"id";s:3:"232";s:5:"title";s:24:"BuddyPress Activity Plus";s:7:"version";s:3:"1.2";s:10:"autoupdate";s:1:"2";s:17:"short_description";s:109:"With this plugin, adding photos, videos, and websites to your BuddyPress social network is quicker than ever!";s:3:"url";s:72:"";}i:231;a:6:{s:2:"id";s:3:"231";s:5:"title";s:18:"Post Voting Plugin";s:7:"version";s:7:"";s:10:"autoupdate";s:1:"1";s:17:"short_description";s:177:"Gauge the popularity of your site's content by letting your visitors or users vote on that content. Sort of like your own personal Digg or Reddit, and it's packed with features!";s:3:"url";s:54:"";}}s:13:"latest_themes";a:5:{i:237;a:6:{s:2:"id";s:3:"237";s:5:"title";s:12:"SimpleMarket";s:7:"version";s:7:"";s:10:"autoupdate";s:1:"0";s:17:"short_description";s:123:"SimpleMarket is all about simplicity. Get your website up and running in seconds with the simplest theme you'll ever setup!";s:3:"url";s:48:"";}i:219;a:6:{s:2:"id";s:3:"219";s:5:"title";s:17:"FrameMarket Theme";s:7:"version";s:5:"1.3.5";s:10:"autoupdate";s:1:"1";s:17:"short_description";s:135:"The ultimate MarkePress theme brings visual perfection to WordPress e-commerce.  This professional front-end does all the work for you!";s:3:"url";s:54:"";}i:173;a:6:{s:2:"id";s:3:"173";s:5:"title";s:13:"Network Theme";s:7:"version";s:5:"1.5.7";s:10:"autoupdate";s:1:"1";s:17:"short_description";s:98:"A powerful front page theme perfect for displaying network-wide content on WordPress or BuddyPress";s:3:"url";s:49:"";}i:166;a:6:{s:2:"id";s:3:"166";s:5:"title";s:13:"Gallery Theme";s:7:"version";s:5:"1.2.3";s:10:"autoupdate";s:1:"1";s:17:"short_description";s:187:"Gallery is designed to showcase images... they could be photographs, paintings, products, services, even portfolio items - as the name suggests a gallery but a gallery can be of anything.";s:3:"url";s:49:"";}i:165;a:6:{s:2:"id";s:3:"165";s:5:"title";s:23:"Holder BuddyPress Theme";s:7:"version";s:3:"1.1";s:10:"autoupdate";s:1:"1";s:17:"short_description";s:72:"Holder BuddyPress is the ultimate starting theme with BuddyPress in mind";s:3:"url";s:59:"";}}s:14:"latest_release";a:5:{s:2:"id";s:3:"241";s:10:"autoupdate";s:1:"0";s:5:"title";s:12:"Change Theme";s:17:"short_description";s:168:"A quality unbranded help and support WordPress video showing users how to change their website's theme and install new thems - for your clients, your users or yourself.";s:3:"url";s:48:"";}s:17:"text_admin_notice";s:164:"<strong>WPMU DEV updates are available</strong>: These may be critical for the security or performance of this site so please review your available updates today »";s:14:"text_page_head";s:448:"Here you can find information about our latest releases and any available updates. Note that it is important to keep your themes and plugins updated for security, performance, and to maintain compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress. Certain plugins and themes are able to be auto-updated depending on where they are installed. <a href="#wpmudev_apikey">Enter your WPMU DEV API key</a> to enable auto-updates if you are a current member.";s:11:"free_notice";a:2:{s:2:"id";i:1300839937;s:3:"msg";s:1921:"<h3><a href="">Join WPMU DEV now to download over 300 plugins, themes and videos - and get and the best WordPress support on the web!</a></h3>
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  • Memiah
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I have some more information, for the wdp_un_response sitemeta, I actually have multiple entries, all to the same site ID - by the looks of things it's creating a row each time I request it but it's not actually reading it. As I said before this has been happening since around the time I installed the MultiDB plugin.

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    Hmmm, that's very strange. Though it certainly explains where the problem lies, below the WP layer. It simply uses update_site_option() function, which if the key doesn't exist will create a new db record for it. Apparently the db is always returning that that option doesn't exist.

    Let me try to get some feedback from the multisb developer on this. In addition, do you have any kind of caching plugin installed?

  • Barry
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Can you download and install this plugin (unzip the file and ftp it up to the root of your wp-content/plugins directory). Activate it - it's called Database checking system and then let me know and I'll post up some SQL queries to put into it, it will output some details about which database it would run the query on, which may help us narrow the problem down a bit more.

  • Memiah
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Ok. You will notice we're on the latest trunk version, but I can switch to 3.2.1 if need be.

    Do you have another method of communication? This thread is getting too long/localized to be helpful for anyone else now.

  • Memiah
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    None of this works, I've cleared all the wdp_un_last_response rows from the sitemeta table (There are many, this seems to be a symptom of the problem) and clicking "update now" only fixes the issue for that pageview, reloading the page causes the page to error again.

  • Memiah
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Is anybody trying to sort this? All I've had so far is vague and obvious suggestions, this project is nearing completion and needs to go live very soon, but I can't do that if your plugins don't work together properly.

    There is no evidence that any of your support staff have even logged into our wp-admin to check the problem.

    I am still waiting for Barry to provide sample queries.

  • Barry
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi, we're working on this in the background honest - Aaron has duplicated it on his install (I haven't managed to on my installs) so we're firing things back and forth to try to solve it locally and get a fix up as soon as we can.

    It's a tricky one though, so it's a matter of identifying the differences between our two installs.

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    I'm sorry you are having these issues ongoing. Unfortunately you are the only one with issue and it appears to be something with your combination of multidb and your server configuration. As we said we recreated it on our own test sites, but still are having trouble divining the root cause.

    Basically it comes down to a strange encoding issue of &raquo; in the API response. When multidb inserts it into the sitemeta table the encoding gets messed up somehow.

    Until we can figure out the root cause, I'm going to try removing it from the API response to see if that will work for you. You'll need to delete all the wdp_* options from sitemeta manually, then try entering your key again.

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