myCRED with bbpress and prosites ?

can wpmudev share what system they use for their amazing point system here in the forums ?
is it myCRED by chance ?

basically i am thinking of having numerous offerings for points gathered by contributions to forums ;
offerings such as :
- discounted or fully paid "prosites" levels
- discounted or fully paid book subscriptions
etc. etc.

i was thinking of somehow offering these offerings with likes or votes ;
similar to your "Post Voting" & "Pay with a Like",

but "Post Voting" does not seem to have this integration with "prosites",
and neither does "Pay with a Like".
also "Pay with a Like" only offers, already establishes social media communities.
how about allowing "Pay with a Like" with a site's own unique like system (similar to "Post Voting" plugin) ?

anyway just suggestions for other users.

but what i really would love for myself is to have myCRED (or whatever point system) be able to gather points for users specifically in bbpress forums, and use these points for offerings as mentioned above.

any kind assistance/feedback/suggestions on how this can be achieved would be greatly appreciated.

kind regards,