Mystery comment confusion in multisite

In my multisite install I activated a plugin called role scoper and multisite user management, for no reason, beacause the only option my blow owners should have on the other member blogs was the ability to comment on their posts. Then the default subscriber role is enough.

So, I deactivated these two overkill plugins, and ended up with a mystery: In all my member blogs I, as superadmin, have set the comments option to allow all comments from logged in and registered users (i.e.: all member blogs) going right on without any moderation. But still… all my members must still apporve manually all their comments.

The whole idea behind this web project was to have a closed community where the different blog owners were supposed to comment on each other posts and to get all theses comments and display them on the front page. No moderation hassle. So why on earth doesn’t this happen?

Di I have to dive into the database and change settings for each blog there, and which table and what kind of parameters do I have to change? I really don’t like the idea of doing this – and it shouldn’t be necessary, but I really don’t know how to solve this enormous mystery.

Any idea would be great. Thanks, in advance :slight_smile:

ps, here is the site: