Nature by Theme Menus

I have a client who chose to use the "Nature by" theme and she is having trouble (so *I* am having trouble) with the menus displaying oddly on

She wants to use a static home page, and when she does it displays "Home" *and* the name of the page that "Home" directs to. In this case, "Bananas Daily Home".

On the designer's site: there are several guest comments and questions about menus where the author advises:

You need to create menus in dashboard.
Click on “Menus” under “Appearance” and setup the menu.
Once you do that, it will work.

Now, I have wordpress v3.0.1 and the Menus menu (heh) informs:

The current theme does not natively support menus, but you can use the “Custom Menu” widget to add any menus you create here to the theme’s sidebar.

The author's page claims the theme is compatible up to wordpress 2.8, but I believe the good folks at claim 3.0.1 compatibility. So, I need some assistance with getting the menus for this theme to work properly.