Nav bar on screen after logout or visitor in multisite network

Hello support,

I realize the theme controls what is displayed so don’t tell me to change the theme on this question to remove the items in questions. .

See this pic and look at red line marker at top:

This site has m2, multisite, marketpress and buddypress or at least I am trying to get it to work together.

The values for login and register are not working. Login takes me to login to the local site login and the css is wonky and the login fails. How do I change where that login link to go to the top root domain login.

The register link goes to the site id set in wp-config for buddypress. Not sure what this should be with M2 and Buddypress on the network. I am using M2 define( “MS_PROTECT_NETWORK”, true );

The Search item in the right corner will it search the local site or the multisite? Can it be changed ?

thank you