Nav Menu goes white when I try to use it. Reloaded the theme and deleted everything that could cause

I admit it! I am not very solid on adding a top menu from scratch using a child theme function.php & header.php.

Any suggestions/article links on this would be greatly appreciated.

These are the best ones that I have found

I swear that it seems like about every other client asks for one.

Anyways, at present I just took the menu code from below in the header and added it higher up and it worked perfectly. However when I went to adjust the nave menu under appearances the thing went white. SO I dropped all of the edits that I have done. Deleted the theme and reloaded the theme. I was able to get in to the nav menu dashboard, then I tried making the edit again. It went white again and I tried deleting the theme and reloading and now it is just white.

Not sure what the deal is or what to do because everything looks like it is reset to perfect out of the box yet I still cannot create a new menu.

I have already created login credentials for you if you wouldnt mind checking things out. Looking forward to your support either way.